Writing Effective Web Copy

Search Engine Optimization imageIn the world of the Internet, writing the right web copy is important: people do not visit a website and read every single word on the post or page. Website visitor’s need to get the right information they were searching for, in the least amount of time. They don’t want to have to go searching around your site to find out if your product is the best one on the market, or do you offer any guarantee?

As a copywriter, you need to address their needs and concerns right away. Writing web copy can be tricky: you need to set it up in such a way that you are able to address the needs of your target market. Moreover, web copy is not like any other written or printed piece of writing: it has to be written concisely, with all the pertinent details shown so that the person reading the copy will pick up all the main ideas immediately.

Today, when people read a blog post or website content they “skim read”, that is when they skim over the page reading only about every third or fourth word. Make sure you include your keywords at least every third word and add lots of call to action words, to motivate the reader to buy now, let them know that if they don’t buy now they might lose out because the price might go up, or stock may run out.

As human beings we buy on emotion. We know we want something and why we want it, then reality kicks in and we will try to talk ourselves out of making the purchase. Our conscience will tell us that we cannot afford it.

Been shopping for a car lately? Wondered why the car salesman grabs your driver’s license and lets you take the car you were admiring for a test drive almost instantly, without much hesitation? He knows that statistics prove that most people when shopping for a new car will buy a vehicle within the first 48 hours. We see something we want, or like and our emotion side of our brain takes over to convince us that we deserve it. So make your sales copy appealing and enticing. Let your visitor know that they cannot live without what you are offering. Appeal to their emotion. Tell them your product will make them look thinner, sexier, younger, and more attractive to woman. Save them time, or money so they can vacation or spend more time with their family.

In particular, you need to answer four basic questions when writing web copy.

First, why are your visitors at that website and why should they be there? Are they in need of a product or service? Do they fit a particular demographic that needs your help?

Second, what should they do? Should they buy your product or service? Should they call you? Provide your visitors with a road on which to travel instead of telling them that they should get to a destination by their own means.

Third, answer why your visitors should even do anything. Should they buy a product or service to get them out of a financial rut? Should they buy something from you so that they can enjoy life better?

And finally, what should they do next? Should they go out and buy things, save money, ask for more help? What should they expect from you?

Remember these four basic questions when you set up your copy. You will need to maintain consistency in your look and tone, moreover, so that when people read through your copy, they will feel comfortable and not have their brains scattering all over the place, what with the multitude of ideas that you present.

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