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What is Writing Articles for Article Syndication?

Article syndicationIt’s amazing how many people hate to write on their own blog and would rather use someone else’s content as a way of building content on their own site. As we all know, using someone else’s content on your blog, you run the risk of Copyright laws and a hefty fine if you’re caught, and it’s just a matter of time before you are. Stealing someone else’s content and placing it on your own blog and claiming it to be written by you is simply wrong! Even using software programs to spin articles is no viable solution either.

So what is the alternative, I hear you ask?…

Writing Articles for Article syndication!

Article Syndication is creating high quality pieces of unique content, about your product, or service. Or whatever it is that you are selling or have knowledge. Then what you do is contact other webmasters and bloggers in your particular niche and email them, or contact them to ask if they are interested in republishing your unique articles on their site. I know this isn’t what answer you were looking for, but hear me out as to why this works… By accomplishing this method of content building you will build powerful and extended long lasting relationships on the web, and you will be building your brand exposure as well World Wide. When you consistently provide quality articles that deliver fantastic value to their reader’s (affirming that you are teaching something useful) then the prospects you are syndicating to will keep coming back for more information, and they will eventually buy from you once they “Know”, “Like” and “Trust” you, through what you write. I know it sounds like a daunting task, but Syndicating your article becomes a whole lot more effective in getting those “Likes” and “Shares” that result in higher ranking in the search engines, as well as PR ranking. This method of marketing will result in higher quality back links to your site or blog, and will carry more authority in the search engines.

How to find Syndicated Sites… The first task, you’ll need to compile a list of top blogs and websites in your particular niche; ones that have active readerships and provide fantastic content and value. To find credited sites, look at their social “Likes” and “Shares” on the social networks. Contact the webmaster  associated with each of the sites on your list and inquiry if they are interested in getting a reliable stream of high-quality articles, that are not spun articles, that will benefit their readers. Emphasis to the webmaster that your articles are not spun, and in actual reality are factual researched articles that are written with quality and value. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort to building a list of syndicated websites then you stand a good chance of making money through increased referral traffic, and from acquiring back links. When it comes to actually writing articles you need to “go the extra mile.” Give your reader’s something that they desire to know and be able to read in a language they understand. Write about “A Solution to a Problem.” Make sure you fulfill a promise in your article title (the Headline) – if you promise to teach them “Five ways to market their business”, then there must be “Five key method points on marketing their business,” listed in the article. Always include with a call to action in your article, whether that be either to “Like” or “Share” the article with friends. Make sure the call to action is written at the end of the article. Who knows your business better then you? No one, so write articles about what you know, what you’ve learned over the past umpteen years of being in business. Or even write about your hobbies. Write about whatever it is that will get more eyeballs looking at your site and taking some form of action when they have read your quality article. Good Luck! By: Fay B. Castro

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  1. I like the idea of article syndication but it doesn’t answer my problem of having to write my own articles.
    I have a difficult time writing my own content.
    I would like to know where I can find people who would like to write for my site. I can syndicate their content.

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