WordPress.org has the edge over every other free website software out there.

With WordPress.org you create your website, just like any other site building software. You build your pages for your particular product and or service, etc., that you wish to promote. WordPress.org, has the edge because the platform lets you send out messages called “Posts” from within your domain name. This is why so many companies and individuals are now using WordPress.

To have a better understanding, I want you to think of it hypothetically, as being like a tree. You have your main tree trunk which you want to keep expanding and spout out healthy branches and leaves. But what gives your tree stability and good health, are all the roots that span out in every direction to sustain its foundation and stability.

Let me try to break this down so it’s clearer: You give each page on your website or blog a keyword “Titles” that people are searching for. You may title one of your pages, “Dog training”. You’ve written quality content, added your keywords into your main body text, and inserted a few images, and even an instructional video or two. (For keyword research visit: Google Keyword search tool).

WordPress.org has an advantage and why everyone is using it, because it lets you peel part of the content from each one of your pages and insert that content into a “Post.” (root). It’s a brief or lengthy description of what your tree trunk (main site or page) is all about, and what it has to offer its visitors, and why they should come visit your site, or blog.

Each keyword titled “Post” is linked back to your main site. A posts (root) main purpose is to drive traffic (visitors) to your main website. (The tree trunk). And of course the more roots imbedded in the search engines; the more stable and healthier the tree is going to be.

Then, still thinking in the format of a tree, if people like what you have written on your website or blog (the trunk) they will tell all their friends, and your website will branch out in the form of links to other sites, or blogs on the Internet. This completes the final stage of the tree, which are the branches and leaves.

The Only WordPress Theme You Will Ever Need

No matter how over the top that might sound, I want to tell you from experience, that the theme I’m talking about ‘Is the only theme you will ever need for your wordPress Blog or websites.’

If you’re trying to make money online through affiliate programs or even promote your own business, you’re going to need a website. You can pay thousands of dollars to have a company create a fancy looking website that might never get conversions, or you can create one yourself using this amazing software tool, Click Here.

The process of creating a website might seem daunting, but what I want to share with you makes this process so much easier and a lot faster, even a real beginner can create a site in a matter of a few hours using this tool.

Before I discovered this software I used to do things manually in WordPress. I was spending hour upon hour searching through thousands of wordpress themes trying to find the right one that fit the product that I wished to promote. It reached the point where I just stopped using WordPress and began searching for a better solution. There had to be a better way than spending so much time building the foundation to my site, and be able to spend more time on adding quality content that my visitors could enjoy. Then I found this software!

I’ve had a lot of experience tweaking websites in WordPress to get them working just right. So I thought that I would give this software a try, especially if it was going to cut down my hours on actually building a website. I opted in for the seven day free trial which required no credit card information. I had looked at other premium themes for WordPress but all of them were expensive and did not have the feature that I needed to promote my products.

After watching the video on the official website I was ready to install it, which just took seconds to do, and then I was ready to take it for a test drive.

After spending around fifteen minutes peeking around and changing a few settings, I had mastered the tool. I was pleasantly surprised on just how easy it was to use. Please don’t take my word for it, as I’ve provided a link where you can view for yourself. Click Here

One of my favorite features about this software is that each time I create a site I have the option of creating either a full blown website, or a single squeeze page that I can fully optimize and add links and rotating banners of my choosing if I so wish.

Another feature of this software is that you can make changes by logging in to the admin area and change a few settings. You can cut and paste and end up with a fresh looking site with current content and ads in place.

After you learned the process once, it becomes so much easier to build as many sites as you so desire using this tool. Each site that you create will have its own unique look.

I realized time is valuable and I had to share this amazing software, I could not keep it to myself any longer, especially when everyone was asking about it.

If you ever need any help with the software, I’m becoming quite the expert so I’m here to answer any questions.

I know your frustration of spending hour upon hour trying to find the exact theme you needed for your website. I’ve been in that position so now I share with you Socrates. I know it sounds like a cliche but “If I can do it, so can you”. You will not only have a theme that is easy to configure but also be able to create website that can produce an income stream.