Women are the Future

The Top Ten Rules to Remember About Women Consumers

Applying the knowledge to your business

Considering that women make up more than half the population (51 percent), is it even possible to consider them a business “category,” when their numbers are so large? Women around the world are more similar than they are different.

Women are united by their brain structure, hormone levels, and the biological role in birthing the human race. They also are united by their role as caregivers, relationship builders, and keepers of the peace. Women talk about the same topics the world over – their feelings, their families, their social issues, their latest shopping finds, their bodies, their jobs, their plans for the weekend, and their hopes for the future.

There is no doubt; women’s consumer domination is here for the long term. Women are expected to drive the consumer economy for the next twenty-five years or longer. As a Small Business Owner and you begin the process of catering to the alpha consumer, keep in mind the new paradigm of the female – consumer world order.

The Top Ten Rules to Remember

About Women Consumers

1. Women buy or influence the purchase of most consumer products.
2. Gender is the most powerful determinants of how a person views the world and everything in it. It’s more powerful than age, income, race, or geography.
3. Women’s brain structures and hormone levels are different from men’s, and women are raised in an unseen gender culture that shapes their priorities and worldviews in ways that can be invisible to men.
4. Female culture should be studied with the same focus that entering a foreign market requires. Mastering female culture is the key to success for companies that depend on women consumers.
5. The person who makes a sales transaction isn’t necessary the decision maker. Even if the woman of the house does not earn a paycheck, she likely determines her household expenditures.
6. Pink is not a strategy.
7. If women make up a significant portion of your customers base, they should be represented proportionately on your management team.
8. There are five important trends driving the world’s female population that should be considered when making long – term planning decisions for your small business.
9. Women around the world are more similar than they are different.
10. When you please women, you tend to make your male customers happier, too.


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