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AskFayThey’re more than 181 million blogs in the world as of 2012. And over 45 billion pages indexed on Google alone. In order to be successful with a blog, you need to provide valuable content for your target audience, write consistently (at least twice a week), and provide a truly interactive atmosphere.

With a blog, you have the opportunity to include longer text updates then you’re able to through Facebook or twitter, as well as incorporate photos, videos, polls, and other multimedia. You can also tell stories at your own pace and on your own terms.

Many blogs today have large audiences than a great deal of newspapers, for instance, so you can use blog content to grow your own media outlet.

What is blogging?

Four Reasons Small Businesses Should be Blogging…

1. Extend the conversation: a blog is the perfect outlet for communication with your audience and/or clients. Twitter and Facebook are ideal platforms for quick, short – form messaging – and are incredibly important – but a blog allows you to really dive into the topics and trends that matter the most in your industry.

A blog aids you in being transparent and providing the “inside look” your audience craves. Someone researching you or your company will be able to collect more information from the company blog than the standard “About Us” section, and even your Twitter or Facebook updates. a blog stands as a channel for sharing in-depth ideas, practices, and stories that make your company unique… and amazing.

* Developing a new product? Ask your blog audience for input and ideas. Acquire the target consumer involvement in the development process is well worth the time and effort!

2. Attract future customers: A blog can influence purchasing decisions – whether you are giving your readers behind – the – scene look at your products, or presenting your product in action, consumers will have an added reinforcement as to why your product is for them. You should think of your company’s blog as a cost – effective extension of your sales call our advertisements. In reality, 21st century consumers have come to expect the purchase process to be available to them in the online social world, and having a company blog where they can reach and interact with you is one of the first steps to take.

3. Position yourself as a leader: As a brand, you want to be seen as innovative – a thought after leader in your industry. Get involved in the blog sphere, check out these resources listed below:

Five great resources to find blogs in your industry –







Having a well – written blog will help you stand out from, or above, your competitors

4. SEO (search engine optimization): Ideally, blogs are updated regularly, which inherently lends itself to great SEO. HubSpot has reported that companies that have active blogs (posting twice a week) receive up to 55% more traffic – including higher rates of both organic search results and referral traffic. By utilizing appropriate keywords, sharing “likes” to Facebook with others, and submitting your blog to as many directories as possible, you will help drive more eyes to your pages. Once you post the content on your blog, it will live there indefinitely. Someone searching for a specific topic can stumble upon a post from months, or even years ago. Once a post has been made, it takes about 24 hours for the Google bots to crawl your new content. The content continues to work for you long after it’s been published. And of course, more eyes on your company’s blog and website ultimately will lead to higher customer conversions.

Remember, your goal is to find your audience, wherever they are, listen to them, listen some more, then engage them, and join then them.

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