What is a URL

What is a URL Address

Definition: URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. Or a Unique Address.

A standard style used for all Internet addresses on the World Wide Web.

Search Engines generally give priority to URL’s that contain keywords. It is therefore worthwhile considering the registration.

Example of a URL: http://www.FloridaVacations.com

The first part of the URL (such as “www.Google.com”) indicates the location of a computer on the Internet. Anything that follows such as “/About.com” gives a location of a particular file.

If you want a head start on the Search Engines then choose a Domain Name that will give you that head start.

For example, a doorway page, or landing page for a brick and mortar business located in Sacramento should use a domain name that has the word Sacramento in it, example: http://Sacramentotravelagency.com

Chose a domain name that defines your actual business category and your businesses physical location. The more you focus on that the better.

Prospects searching on the Internet will not know your business name, unless they have already been into your store. So, when a prospect is conducting a search on the search engines they are looking for a particular type of business, for example: Jewelry store, Hardware store, Nail Salon, or oil change, etc. Because they are looking for a physical location in their local area, add your business location to your domain name to narrow down and define the search result. Example: http://Sacramentonailsalon.com.

Now, if you already have a domain name that does not include your business description or actual location, you can always purchase a new domain name that contains this type of information and redirect the new domain name to point to your already existing website.

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