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Increase Conversion Rate through Strategic Selling…

consumer powerYour prospects must be able to evaluate your offer, believe your claim, credibility, and understand what you’re like to work with—all from within your website. Leaving these key purchase criteria questions unanswered interrupts prospect attraction, creating a barrier of resistance for them to buy from your site.

The hitch? We couldn’t see the product.  There were no pictures, videos, or free trials offered.

Google, Yelp, and Groupon, customers are in the sales process driver’s seat, and they’re happy to be there.  Your customers want immediate access to information to help them make a buying decision. The solution is logical, strategic selling: Put it all on your site.  You’ve got to answer their questions, address their objections, differentiate yourself and do it all credibly. Withholding information might feel safer, but you risk alienating buyers.

What I want you to do is step into the role of your most promising prospect. Attempt to look at your website with fresh eyes, and try to make a decision to buy your product or service from your website.

  • Can you easily identify the solution with the problem that was being presented, enough to want to continue?
  • Does your site enable prospects to easily find information while in each stage? 

For instance, while in the courting phase, prospects need to establish credibility. Great sites establish credibility by offering third-party validation, product or service reviews, awards won, or customer testimonials.

While in evaluation mode, the prospect is looking for you to differentiate yourself.  Show photos, screenshots or best of all a 30 second 360 degree angle product video are extremely effective. A video tour lets the prospects experience your product or service as it they are right there or holding the product in their hand. Demonstrate thought leadership by offering education content for free. Provide frequently updated, valuable insight via your blog and social media feeds.

Customers also want to know exactly what happens after the purchase (implementation, adoption). Have you posted case studies of successful customer experiences? Make sure you describe how you will deliver your product and or service as well as what buyers should do for post-sale support.

Be careful not to hide information that feels uncomfortable to you just because you haven’t created your answer.  Pricing is a great example of this.

Resist the urge to withhold.  By putting it out there, you’ll find out if it’s right or not.  And, you’ll once again move the sales process along for your promising prospects.

  • Do your Frequently Asked Questions answer the tough questions?

Communicating effectively to prospects online can generate efficiency far more valuable than the risk of exposing too much information, even in wildly competitive markets. Use your website to bring prospects as close to the buying decision as possible, strategic selling.

Consumers today want to make an informed decision when buying a product. So give them all the information they need, right on your website.

Self-service of the buying process will create a positive relationship with your customer.  It is not only what they expect, but also what they need in order to feel comfortable with you as a vendor.  They will view you as current, transparent, and confident about your products and services.  And that will win you more deals.

Evaluate your company and ask yourself, what are you doing to cater to the new way that prospects buy Online?


By: Fay B. Bolton


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