How to Market an ebook

Reasons to Sell, or Giveaway an eBooks on your Blog or Web Site

Ebook-IconSay for example you offer an Income Tax Service:

The ebook describes how – BUT it warns of a number of drawbacks if they decide to do their income taxes themselves.

This raise doubts in the customers mind – so what next?

The customer reads the next chapter where they discover an online tax services. The site explains what they do, which features of a service to look out for, and how to avoid the pitfalls in doing your own taxes, and so on.

By now, the customer has realized that the author of the ebook is an authority on the subject, and the reader is delighted when you have removed all the decision making for them and have a recommendation, with justifiable reasons, for the service (yours) stands out above the others.

The customer is 95% certain to go for it but you make it even more enticing for them by mentioning that there is yet one more vital feature or extra bonus that they will discover when they visit your website.

The result?

By the time they click on that link they already have phone in hand ready to call you and schedule an appointment, or buy your product.

And consider, just a few minutes ago they were tentatively considering whether they really needed your services or not?

Instead they paid to have their taxes done by you – a free ebook persuaded them to do this.

Easy To Increase Sales
Building ebooks and publishing them is something few people know how to do. This is what holds tons of people back who have valuable knowledge from selling their own ebook. Do not let it hold you back. I recommend reading Ken Evoy’s comprehensive free guide Make Your Knowledge Sell which is considered the bible of ebook building and it is especially great for beginners who do not know where to start.

Why Give Away an ebook?

  • Long Term Residual Income
  • Faster Publishing Than Hard Books
  • Easy To Create
  • Can Be Short In Length
  • Low Maintanence
  • Easy To Increase Sales

How to build a Squeeze page You’ve got a content based website right? (If not, contact us to get you started.) You can delegate an entire section of your website to promoting your ebook. You can even put a link to your sales page or put a picture link of your ebook in the widget area of your website or blog to promote your ebook. That way it can be seen on every page. A website opens you up to a lot more marketing, and promotional opportunities.


An ebook can be Short in Length
You can create a 15-20 page ebook in no time at all. Time is precious so let people know how many pages your ebook contains, before they even opt-in to download it as a pdf. The whole purpose of the ebook is to capture leads from your website or blog. You want the ebook to be socially shared so make sure you solve your prospects pressing problem, or answer all the questions they might have about your product, or service. It needs to be a solution to their problems, or ease to their pain, and to answer their questions they cannot find anywhere else. Then they will be more than happy to recommend your ebook to their friends, if you’re fulfill this problem.

Low Maintenance
Once you have your ebook linked on your website through your opt-in form, it virtually running on autopilot, and is low maintenance to no maintenance at all. All you have to do is sit back and watch the money, if you’re selling your ebook directly from your site, or watch the contact leads build up. Your sales page can be working for you around the clock, even while you are sleeping.

Setting Up Landing Pages
If you are new to internet marketing and pay per click marketing you probably are not familiar with what a landing page is. A landing page is just an individual page that you set up, generally in the form of a one page website, that is quite long intended to convince the visitor to purchase your product. If you already own a website you can just set up your landing page on it.

A high traffic website is the ultimate tool in marketing products online.

Other eBook Marketing Strategies

  • Set Up Landing Pages
  • Article Distribution
  • Pay Per Post Blog Reviews
  • Send Out Newsletters
  • Social Networking
  • Give Away Free Chapters
  • Posts In Related Forums

I recommend reading Make Your Words Sell. It is a short, no nonsense ebook, that is free and teaches you how to take your visitors through the sales funnel to increase your conversions.

A one page website is not going to get much if any traffic from the search engines. Therefore, you could consider paying for traffic. The best traffic to pay for is through pay per click ads on the right of search results commonly labeled “Sponsored Results”. You can pay as little or as much as your want per click. Then all there is to do is track results, tweak, and track results some more until you are turning a profit.

Send Out Newsletters
This is an ebook marketing method that can only be used if you own a website and send out a newsletter. However, it is so powerful that it is worth mentioning for those who can do this. The more subscribers you have the more worthwhile it is to send out a newsletter just to let them know that you have created an ebook and explain how it can help them. (List the benefits.)

The biggest mistake most website owners make with this ebook marketing strategy is that they are to sales-like about it. They try to push their subscribers too hard to purchase their ebook. This has the opposite effect because internet users have become increasingly aggravated with spam. If they see it as spam, especially in their inbox which is the most popular place for spam to end up in, will immediately delete it.

Submit To Social Networking Sites
Social networking website’s like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, can provide substantial traffic. This is the easiest traffic you can receive on the internet. These social sites allow you to join for free and submit links for free that do not have to get approved. They go live instantly and provide instant exposure for your ebook.

The only downfall of this ebook marketing strategy is the traffic is not as targeted as other traffic. However, this method of ebook marketing is so easy that if it produces just a few sales a month it will be worth your while since you do not have to spend much time submitting your site for free.

Give Away Some Chapters
By giving away your best chapters and allowing for a sneak peek into your ebook you are greatly increasing your chances of those visitors buying your ebook, or opt-in. If they like what they read they will want to read the rest. This effective method of building interest and ultimately building leads and converting sales, on many of the skeptical readers that otherwise would not have purchased your ebook.

Post In Topical Forums
One of the most underutilized ebook marketing strategies is posting in topical related forums. All that means is that if your ebook is about boat repair, participate in forums relating to boats where you can get free targeted visitors to your sales page.

There is huge upside and return on investment involved with this ebook marketing technique. However, you have to be very careful to not come off as spamming. That will get you kicked off the forum for good. Spam has become a huge problem on the internet and forums do not tolerate it anymore. So inform them of your ebook along with a useful posts.

When it comes to ebook design there are so many available options out there. You can create the most basic of ebook types by writing it in Microsoft word doc, then converting that into a PDF ebook. You can also go with a more sophisticated design that incorporates video, comments, links to other websites, and much more.

For beginners you may want to go the simplest form which is a PDF ebook. It will not make a big difference to your buyers as long as you provide good quality content in your ebook. The more complicated features of ebook design are best saved for advanced ebook publishers who have already had a wealth of experience with ebooks. For a beginner these features have little to no return on investment in terms of time and money.

Curation Article Distribution
Curation Article distribution is a marketing technique that is mainly used by website owners to promote their website’s and get inbound links to increase search engine rankings. However, this is underutilized by ebook owners to promote their ebooks. Article distribution is so effective because website owners are constantly looking for quality content to distribute to their readers on their site.

You can use this to your advantages by writing helpful articles filled with tips related to your ebook. Insert two or more links back to your site, along with reference links to other accredited websites. Use a couple of links to link to your ebook sales page.

When website owners use your article or blog post on their site or in their newsletter, they are required to introduce your article emphasizing its importance and why it’s being featured on their site. Then they will display your whole article and then wrap it up with who wrote the article or blog post, with a link to your website. Therefore, you have the potential to drive huge amounts of free targeted traffic to your sales page, ultimately leading to more sales.

This method also works for you to be a guest blogger on other accredited website. Make sure the site you chose are regarded as high ranking. Check out their Alexa Ranking position first. Make sure the site you blog on are related to you particular field or industry.


By: Fay B. Castro