How to Make an ebook

Ebook: How to create your own ebook online for large profits…

Ebook CoverInstead of charging in for the sale on your website, why not ‘pre-sell’ your customer to gain trust first, with a free ebook, which provides authoritative and valuable information to answer their troubling question, build up your prospects enthusiasm, and narrow down his options so that by the time they reach the end of your ebook, they are already convinced you’re the one to buy from, and click through to your site or blog to place an order.

“Ebooks are one of the best business opportunities Online … Creating an ebook costs virtually nothing and the profit potential is huge.”

You can create an ebook for next to nothing and sell it for 100% profit! What’s more, is that for the first time anyone who is dedicated enough to writing an ebook, can get published without all the barriers of the traditional publishing house route.

There’s an e-book inside everyone. And yours is based on what you already know.

After all, you’re unique, right?

You have knowledge other people don’t have… things people would pay to know, or opt-in to your contact form on your website or blog to learn.

Make Your Knowledge Sell, or Generate Leads!

How long have you been in business? 5, 10, or 20+ years? You’ve learned so much in that time, you don’t realize how much you actually do know! It’s a lifetime of information that people will pay, or opt-in for!

Create a step-by-step “How to” manual that others would find invaluable.

Present and promote your knowledge properly, and others will pay, or opt-in to learn. How does your product solve or fix your prospects problem(s)? What is your solution? (Remember: Most people cannot, or will not fix the problem themselves, in the end they will hire your services or buy your product as their solution.)

All you need is some guidance and a plan of action that you can follow to creating your own ebook.

So! Let’s get you started right now…

What are you an expert on? What do you know that others would pay, or opt-in to learn? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before you create your very own ebook to give away or sell. Once you know the answers to those questions the next step is to get started building your ebook.

eBook Design Components

  • Format
  • Color Scheme
  • Cover
  • Table of Contents
  • Chapters
  • Images
  • Links
  • Headline

There are dozens of formats to choose from to make your ebook. However, PDF is the best option for creating a simple ebook because it gives you the option of images, headers, footers, etc. The most sophisticated form is multimedia. This allows you to incorporate advanced computer language that gives you an endless array of options. The downfall of this is that it is for advanced computer programmers only. For a beginner to learn multimedia ebook design it would be a waste of time. So, my recommendation, use the PDF format.

Color Scheme
This is the simplest part of the whole ebook creation process. Don’t spend a whole lot of time on the color scheme. Plain black text on a white background works best, with a few images strategically placed throughout the ebook works best. If you want to get fancy you can watermark your logo on every page, just make sure it does not distract from your written message. Don’t waste time on this process.

Creating a Cover
Creating a cover is one of the main components of an ebook design. A bad designed cover can be a huge turn off to your readers. It’s important to create a cover that is pleasing to the eye, and expresses what your content is about. We as human beings are very much focused on first impression.

When it comes to cover options you can go two routes. There is a wealth of free ebook cover creators available online. I recommend this for beginners. The other option is to hire an ebook design specialist to create a cover for you. Although this service is relatively cheap, it takes awhile to complete the job.

Table of Contents
Every ebook should have a table of contents. This is especially true if your ebook is divided up into chapters. For any ebook that is over 15 pages in length, it should be divided up into chapters. Therefore, it should contain a table of contents. A table of contents provides a neat, organized, and convenient way to navigate through the text so people can go to exactly what information drove them to download your ebook in the first place.

If your ebook is longer than 15 pages, which it should be if you are actually going to sell it for a profit? Not so important, if it’s a free giveaway on your website. The ebook should be divided into well organized informative chapters. Each chapter should contain content related to each other throughout the ebook. Try to achieve a good balance of content throughout each chapter. If it’s a “5 Step” or a “How to” ebook, make sure each step or process goes in sequence.

No matter what subject you are writing about, images should be a big part of your ebook design. Images are easy on the eyes, and should provide a visual image of the relevant information to back-up the content of what is being discussed on each page. That does not mean it is necessary to place an image on every page. However, you do not want one image per ten pages.

The best practice is to average one relevant image per every three or four pages. You want to achieve a good balance in your ebook. You want to achieve a good balance between chapters, images, and subject matter.

This is one of the most controversial components of ebook design. When it comes to including affiliate links as part of your ebook design it is a matter of opinion. A lot of experts say that you should not place links in your ebook unless they are to non-affiliate website’s that help your visitor gain more knowledge. If they have paid for your ebook trying to earn further commissions off them is unprofessional and hurts credibility.

However, if you have a great selling ebook that provides top notch content, why would you not place affiliate links within the text of the ebook. You would be losing thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions. It may not affect your long term success, but there is a chance it might.


The headline is the most important aspect of your entire ebook to even get anyone to opt-in, or buy your ebook. A headline is intended to address the people you wish to reach. All of us depend on the headline to point out what we desire to read and connect with. I recommend writing the headline last, once all the content is written. You will also find that you will go back and re-write your first chapter to make the ebook more compelling to read.

Whenever I need to write an amazing Headline, I often consult ”The 100 Greatest Headlines Ever Written.” Do the same and I promise you will be truly inspired to writing your own eye catching Headline. 

How to Market an eBook

By: Fay B. Castro