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Search engines use keywords when they include your website or blog post in their search engines result. This runs true for Google, Yahoo! and Bing, etc.

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Why use our website design company and our keyword research service?

Keywords are words used as a reference point for further information or as an indication of the contents of a document or on a website page.

Adding related, highly searched keywords and phrases with the least amount of competing websites, and using the synonyms of those keywords in your page or post content, can significantly improve your website, or blog ranking in the search engines. This is included in several of our website design packages.

When identifying keywords, (contact us for help with keywords), select keywords and phrases pertaining to the content of your website or blog, that prospects will type in the search bar trying to find you. (We know what your prospects are typing using our niche software program.)

What are keywords?

Tip: Make sure you think like a consumer conducting a search on Google, Yahoo! Bing, etc, and not a business owner who knows their products and services inside out. Think outside the box. This is very important for using the correct keywords in your content. Need help?

Do not use the same string of keywords, or phrases on every single page or post of your site, or blog, because it will hinder your SEO ranking, (search engine optimization.) Your site could be viewed as spamming by the search engines. Plus, why would you want every single page and post on your site competing for the same ranking result in the search engines? That doesn’t make sense as you want your site spread all over the Internet so that it displays under different search phrases.

Be creative with the wording of your keywords and phrases to express what you do, or have to offer, so your posts and pages rank under different search result titles throughout the search engine on the entire World Wide Web.

Make sure your web page phrasing has keyword sayings that relate to that particular page content being discussed or explained on that particular page or post, that is crucial to your ranking success.

You can use the Google Keyword Tool to type in your website URL and find out what categories, or topics the search engines are listing your website under. If your site is not ranking under your particular topic or industry we can help.

What are keyword meta tags?

Google is beginning to not put as much emphasis on keyword meta tags as it used to, because of all the spamming that webmasters and website owners have done, and still do.

What’s more important now, besides quality content, are the synonyms of your keywords. For example: I’m writing about ‘keyword phrase’ in this post, what I need to make sure I do while writing this content is verbalize the variations of the words ‘keyword’ and ‘phrase’ throughout this post. For example I need to use the word ‘expression,’ as it is another way of saying the word ‘phrase,’ also ‘phrasing,’ ‘remark,’ ‘saying,’ ‘slogan,’ ‘wording,’ ‘utterance,’ ‘crucial,’ and ‘decisive,’ are all variation of the word ‘phrase.’ Plus several more. For the word ‘key’ to use a verb it would be words like, ‘main,’ ‘crucial,’ ‘significant,’ ‘vital,’ ‘strategic,’ ‘basic,’ ‘central,’ I will stop there because I think you have the idea? Synonyms are what you really have to focus on in your written content to receive optimum ranking results.

One of my favorite keyword plugins that is easy to use for my WordPress blogs and my clients sites is: All-in-One-SEO-Pack. And it’s FREE! From

You’re allowed up to 200 characters to express your best keywords and phrases that will be found written on each and every web page of your site or blog. Remember: No spamming here. It will damage your rankings.

Each keyword or phrase you add to the plugin should be separated by a comma. Example: most searched keywords, Google keywords, keywords tool, meta tag keywords, (Each keyword or phrase used in the keyword meta tag must be written within your web page content. If none of the keywords or phrases you have placed in your meta tag section do not exist within the content of your page or post, many search engines will reduce your ranking within the search results for spamming.

How many keywords can I use?

optimized keywords and phrases

When referring to keywords or keyword phrases written within your website, or blog content, there is absolutely no limit. But a good rule of thumb here to remember is to target about five to 10 words or phrases per page.

You need to be able to have your keywords, or phrases written within your content and it needs to sound natural when read and more importantly, make sense. Use keywords or phrases that have a high search volume and represent your page content. But, the key here to getting organic high ranking results, is using highly searched keywords with the least amount of competition. This is where We can help!

What is keyword density?

Search engines use keyword density to determine the relevance of a web page or post, to a keyword search result conducted on the search engines by your prospects. Keyword density refers to the percentage of keywords or phrases written within your quality content on your page or post. For example, if the same keyword or phrase occurs three or more times on a page or post out of say 100 words written, then the keyword density is 3 percent.

The best practice to follow is to make sure that keyword(s) or phrases stand out as a major topic of the page, or post, but are not repeated over and over again that the search engine perceive it as spam, or keyword stuffing. Search engines will penalize your website for stuffing keywords, or phrases, so we highly recommend avoiding this practice.

Tip: Make your keyword(s) and phrases appear natural within your written content.

With the latest Google Panda update, what is also key to top ranking for your posts, or pages is your title and the page description tags…

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