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How our website design company builds websites the right way to attract customer’s…

JTS Sales GroupFirst of all, there are two types of website design companies.  There are companies that only build your website, and then there are companies, like ours, that optimize your page content for keyword phrases for the search engines. (View example below.)

The majority of web designers are just that, designers. They design good looking websites, but if they have not built your site around website optimization, you’ll have a great looking website, but, nobody can find it because the necessary keyword phrases have not been added into the text and image content and in Meta Tags of your site.

So does receiving results on Google even matter?  Keep in mind that 85% of internet traffic starts by your prospects typing in that search bar on Google, Yahoo! And Bing, trying to find you! So yes, it most certainly matters if you want your site to rank organically in the search engines.

The higher ranking your website’s is on a search engine, the more prospects you’ll receive visiting your website. Not showing up on the first page of Google, Yahoo! Or Bing, for keyword phrases in your industry or field, can mean missing out on potential prospects and sales, or opt-ins to your special promotion or free offer, to collect email addresses for future follow-up.

Article  with keywords highlitedSearch engine optimization services generally offer the opportunity to better expose your website for specific keyword phrases; we can confidently say that our company works with clients to identify targeted keywords and key word phrases in your particular industry or field, which results in driving Organic traffic to your website.

Our goal is to add not just a phrase or a set of phrases, but an entire list of keyword phrases to your website, that is relevant to your niche.

(Image on left: Words highlighted in purple squares: Keywords and phrases for SEO purposes. Green text and words underlined in green: Back-links to high ranking websites on the Internet.)

How Do You Know Which Design Company You Can Trust?

A web design company that promises, or guarantees, to get your website on the first page of Google, as soon as the site is built, I say run, and don’t look back. They forget to mention in advance that they expect YOU to pay for Google Adsense, (PPC) Advertising, and every single month you’ll have to pay to hold that top place ranking position on the search engine. This can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars, depending on the cost per click for your keyword phrase. The keyword phrase ‘Air Conditioner Preventive maintenance’ would cost you $37.94 per click. A very scary, and expensive thought.

Why Is Our Company Different?

Keyword phrased content.We achieve results for our client’s websites without having to pay a dime for Google Adsense.  We not only design and build your website; we “optimize” it to rank well on search engines by adding the necessary keyword phrases to the text and image content of your website.

With over twelve years of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experience, and keeping up with the latest optimization trends and Google updates, we take our knowledge and add it to your website to bring you optimum results.

(The yellow highlighted sections on paper in image, is where highly searched keyword phrases and back-links to high ranking websites has been added to content for website for SEO purposes for ranking in search engines.)


What Our Web Designers Can Do For You

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re shopping around for a website designer to build you a new website, or your existing website needs a facelift? Whether you are a Fortune 500 Company, or have a home-based business, we can help you get your business seen online.

Don’t know what to say on your website? Don’t worry; we can help write the content for your site, using proven sales psychology techniques.  That’s something the majority of website design companies don’t offer because it’s a whole different skill set in it-self.

What Else Makes Us Different As A Web Design Company?

Your website online is real estate online. It’s part of your business assets. When it comes time to sell your business, to someone else, your website should be included in the business sales transaction.

Building a website is like building your store, the bigger it is and the more visibility and prime location your website has online, the more monetary value it will have.  If your store is on a quiet street with virtually no traffic, then naturally it will not sell for as much money as one that is on a busy street that receives customer’s everyday and has constant sales and an email list of repeat customers. (I want you to think of Amazon.)

This is what makes our company different.  We not only build that store for you, when we’re finished, we will walk out onto that busy street (Internet) and announce your business to the search engines that your store is open for business.  We will tell everyone searching, exactly what your business does, through the Meta Tag description, and where they can find you.

See the difference? Most designers build you a pretty websites then wish you luck. We are different; because we help you get found on the major search engines like Google, by adding the keyword content phrases your prospects are already typing in those search engine search bars, trying to find you. Now!

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As long as overall traffic, organic search traffic and referral traffic such as on Social Media sites, continue to grow online, coupled with increased conversions, it is safe to say that the efforts from our SEO Company will pay off.

For those still on the fence about using our services, we invite you to contact us with any questions that you may have at this time.


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