Web Color Chart

Colors Convey Expression and Meaning

Make sure the colors you chose send a message that fit with your brand attributes. For example, if you need to build trust and credibility, choose medium tones of the color blue to convey this message.

When creating your visual identity on your website, business cards, logo, handouts, etc., keep you colors consistent. This is all part of branding you. Even the colors you wear, keep them consistent so people recognize you.

Personally, I think there is nothing more frustrating than trying to recognize someone but, because they are constantly changing their hair style, or even worse, the color of their hair, they make it extremely difficult. Mix in with that they change the way they put on their make-up. Impossible to recognize! I’ve gone as far as trying to match someones eyes and lips to make sure it was them, and not someone who just looked like them. They were even talking about branding. I immediately clicked off their website and searched out someone else, who was consistent with the way they branded themselves.

Consistency is associated with reliability; remember that as it’s extremely important when running a business. You’ve never seen McDonald’s change the color of their famous arches. Right? Becomes you’ve come to expect a certain standard and consistency from them, around the world. Consistency! Also known as Branding.

Power colors are the deepest tone of a specific color and impart the highest level of influence. The color chart below can also be used to identify the power colors right for you when you need to ramp up the intensity!

Excitement, Desire, Energy, Power, Intense, Risk, Energy, Strength

Enthusiasm, Determination, Energy, Vitality, Strength, Productive, Warmth

Joy, Bright, Positive, Visionary, Idealism, Futuristic, Approachable

Natural, Environmental, Healthy, Calming, Fertile, Renewal

Credible, Trusting, Loyal, Authority, Tranquility, Peaceful, Stable

Wealth, Royalty, Luxury, Mystery, Spirituality, Wisdom


Earthy, Dependable, Reliable, Stable, Endurance, Simplicity

Power, Sophistication, Wealth, Anonymity, Authority, Formality

Reliability, Security, Intelligence, Modesty, Conservative, Dignity

Remember that it’s extremely important when running a business to be consistent with your branding color. Use the same colors on all your marketing and advertising promotional material, and even on the clothes that you wear.

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