Are you missing out on any of these?

Does your website give your visitors any useful or valuable information about you and your company, or is your website a boring outdated brochure?

Everyone, including you and I, are tuned into WIFM. “What’s In It For Me.”

If you don’t show your visitor just how valuable your site is within those first few seconds, then you will have lost them forever, never to return again. On the Internet you literally only have a matter of seconds to captivate your visitors attention with your website, otherwise they aren’t coming back! Notice an increase in capture forms when you try leaving a website?

But here’s the good news – what you need to do to turn the situation around is give your visitor high quality FREE information. Be a valuable resource of information, then you gain trust. When you gain trust people will willingly give you their name and email address, plus promote your website on the social media sites to their friends.

Your website is not just a website; you have to look at it as a lead generating tool for your business.

Do you have something that is current or interesting? Will it help them solve a problem, or ease their pain? Will it allow them to avoid a problem? Are you letting them know something that is brand new and only just been released or a new product that is about to hit the marketing? Are you letting them in on a secret, or give them access to information they would not ordinarily know and otherwise miss out on?

● No list – No Money.

Most business owners don’t realize this, but about 95% of businesses, the customer list is the most valuable asset that your company has!

The statistics go to prove that the more customers you have on your list, the more money your business will make. Remember: Each email address on your list is worth to you about $1 to you in income.

Your customers are out there searching for your product or services that you offer…

How can they find you?

WordPress Blog Posts – One of the best website platforms to use to get your message out there and be found on the search engines is WordPress.org

WordPress.org comes with access to many plugins that can put your website on steroids.

Within a matter of day’s or even hours in many cases your keyword searched term blog post can appear on the first page of Google. Add a video to your blog post and significant exposure for sure! I know, it happens to me all the time and it thrills me every time that happens.

E-zine Articles – There is a saying about the power of words, well in the case of Ezine Articles that rings true. Ezine Articles is very highly respected with Google; I know this for a fact with my article results. Get your message across by writing an article about what your product or service can do for your customers. Highlight key points, add your website link and watch the rankings sore.

Video – If you are not using video on your website or have a Youtube channel, then you are solely missing out, Big Time! If picture say a thousand words, how many words does video say?

A great way to get exposure and serious ranking on Google is to create an informative and slightly entertaining video. It does not need to be a mass production video, even less than two minutes in length is fine. The key ingredient here is to get as many of your friends as you possibly can go view your video on Youtube in as short a time period as possible. Then watch the ranking sore. Don’t leave for Facebook just yet there’s more…

Webinar – Calm down, don’t think I’ve gone crazy and only talking to a select group of financially wealthy people who can afford Gotowebinar. No! I’m talking to you! Getting on a webinar even for a few minutes, or even having just your website or video mentioned during a webinar is extremely powerful. I’m mentioning this because it’s what happened to me and I was blown away with the result.

My story and it could be yours: I created a short but entertaining video using graphics that were about to be released onto the market. I love to write, don’t get me wrong but sometimes you have to allow your other talents to see daylight. I practically spent the whole day creating this animated video incorporating a few of these graphics with Powerpoint slides to get my message across, and some upbeat music. I uploaded my video which lasted all of 57 seconds in length to my Youtube channel. I was proud of my accomplishment and posted the link to the video on the Graphic creator company’s Facebook page. It received several wonderful comments but the prize came when they announced my name and the link to my video during the webinar which was held the very next day. That video ranking took off and the video was placed on the first page of Google within a matter of hours. How powerful is that?

Google – Google thrives on activity, it brings its customers the latest news, blog posts, articles and even videos, etc,.  Google is constantly changing trying to please its customers. Google brings its customers information.

Google rewards those who work the hardest. You will be greatly rewarded for your video, website and Ezine Article work with pleasant results in the ranking.

You can view the latest posts that people are making on Google search engine under the More Tab, you will see a link called “Discussions.” That lists the latest blog posts being made on website blogs and social media sites under that search term.

Social Media Sites – These are a great place to hang out for a while but as regards conversion into paying customers, statistics show otherwise. You can always go with the PPC on Facebook, but why pay money when other free methods are just as powerful?

Social Media sites are great! Don’t get me wrong, I spend time reading other peoples posts, but I limit my time on these sites as my proven results show, I get far better ROI (Return On Investment) from creating videos, writing blog posts and Ezine articles.

Auto responders – Auto responders are great as they work 24 hours a day without any intervention on your part. Use them to send visitor’s free reports, articles, list of links, etc. Add your logo, company name, slogan, etc, at the top and even bottom of the auto responder message, with a link back to your Web site. Keep sending out valuable information, tips and build that relationship with them so they feel comfortable with you.