Market your Message Using Animated or Whiteboard Videos

Effective Internet Marketing offers Animated video production. A thirty to sixty seconds video is often the right length of time to keep your prospects attention, as well as get your marketing message across.

Marketing with Video

Do you know what the second-most-used search engine in the world is? It’s the one on YouTube.

Brand consumers are usually looking for two kinds of videos:

• Product showcases and demos

• How-to’s and expert advice

Video has one big advantage: the “look at this!” factor. Video is wonderfully easy to share through email, post to social networks, or embed on blogs and web pages. It’s just a great way to get attention for your product. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to make sure your video is easy for customers to pass on to one another.

Closing the sale using video

The Rise of Video

Let’s take this as an example: Say my 5 year old’s birthday is in 3 weeks and I’ve very limited time. I know my daughter is obsessed with Disney princesses, so maybe I search online real quick for ‘princess birthday party.’ And what I ought to find is a video I can look at in under two minutes and say, yes, I can make that! I can do that! That sounds fun!

And then we can serve up additional content to that shopper. Need decorations? You must need invitations? Need ideas for games during the party? All this happens before any traditional media hits — this happens on the shopper’s schedule, on her time right from her own mobile device in the form of a video.

Video is a very powerful tool. Let Effective Internet Marketing create an Animated or Whiteboard video to spread your marketing message.

These are some of the questions we would need to know to get the process started in creating a unique video for you, or your business…

What We Need to Know Before Creating Your Video:

  • Do you have a script?
    • If not, what message do they want to get across to your target audience? What information do you want to include?
    • Do you have a website,that information can be taken from?
    • Do you have your own narration, or do you have plans to record your own narration?
  • Do you have your own music or have royalty-free music you would like to use?
  • What type of video would you like: Whiteboard, Whiteboard with original artwork, or a Flash animation?
  • Do you have artwork that you would like us to use in the video?
    • Is the artwork and your logo file in either .png, .psd or .svg?

Price List:


Narration: $100.00 for 30 seconds. $50.00 for each additional 30 seconds.
Script: $60.00 for 30 seconds. $40.00 for each additional 30 seconds.



* A down payment of $150.00 is required for Whiteboard video which will be deducted off the final cost.

$150.00  Deposit for Video

A down payment of $1,000.00 is required for Flash Animation.


Whiteboard: w/ no original artwork $300.00 for 30 seconds. $150.00 for each additional 30 seconds.
Whiteboard w/no Original Artwork

Whiteboard: w/ original artwork$500.00 for 30 seconds.$350.00 for each additional 30 seconds.

Flash Animation:$2,500.00 for 30 seconds.$ 600.00 for each additional 30 seconds.


This is an example of an Animated video

One more social signal you may not think of: Your video view counter. When a video has thousands of views, don’t you think that entices the consumer to click? They want to see what they’re missing out on.

Make sure you feature the counter prominently wherever you show your videos.