Understand the Objective of Branding

As a consumer, how is it possible to distinguish one competitor from another when they are selling almost the exact same product? That is where branding comes into play. In fact, this is one of the most important yet most complicated aspects of branding yourself, and or your business.

Before you are able to understand the objective of branding, let’s first discuss branding on traditional behavior of a business. It’s identifying the product or service of the seller or a group of sellers and differentiating it from those other sellers offering the same product or service.

Establishing a brand for your own product or services will facilitate you in achieving the following:

• Deliver a message clearly to the consumer about your intention of marketing your product and or services;

• Authenticate your integrity as an independent and reputable merchant;

• Motivates the consumer to support your product and or service; plus

• Constructs a solid, faithful and loyal clientele.

Evaluate the objective of your branding so that it give your product and or service its own individuality, apart from other sellers offering the same product or service. You will succeed in this objective if you have established yourself as an independent and reputable merchant through branding.

What are the objectives of branding?

• The brand of your product and or service will be clear in the minds of your customers and prospective customers. This will persuade them in the way in which they promote your product and or service through word of mouth, so that this will result in the growth of your clientele.

• It’s what the customer will remember about you. For example, you have branded your health product as a “Natural Products”. Once the brand is supported by your customer’s, you will be able to accomplish success and your product will surely have an edge over unbranded products.

As mentioned above, branding is one of the most important features yet the most unappreciated aspects of marketing. Since the majority of advertising programs are focused on getting the consumer to read your ad, marketers often neglect the important of branding in terms of marketing themselves. This is somewhat unfortunate since the success of marketing a product or service is also dependent on brand awareness. Subsequently, branding is vital in promoting the brand of the product or service.

Remember that the objective is to achieve trust with the consumer and earn money for you. Therefore it’s best that you invest on branding-based marketing. Think of Mc Donald’s for example and Starbucks, etc. No matter where you would travel to in the world, the store colors, design, layout are exactly the same as they are back home, therefore you expect the same taste and or quality of product, no matter which one of their locations you buy from.

It’s easier to promote a product or service that is already well-known to the consumer, rather than promote one that has not identified itself in the market place as yet to the consumers.

Branding must not be taken for granted. When you think of just about any product or service a song, a taste and or an image will flash through your mind. That is known as brand awareness.

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