The seven secrets of attractive body language

The Face:

Express an animated face, and make smiling a part of your regular repertoire.

Make sure you flash those pearly white teeth.


Use expression but don’t overdo it. Keep your fingers close to your body when you gesture, and keep your hands below your chin level, and avoid crossing your arms and feet.

Hand movement:

Use triple nods when talking and head tilt when listening. Keep your chin up.

Eye contact:

Offer the amount of eye contact that makes everyone feel comfortable. Unless looking at others in a cultural note – lookers gain more credibility than non-lookers.


Lean your body forward when listening, and stand straight when speaking.


Stand as close as you feel comfortable. If the other person moves back, Do Not! Step forward again. Stay in the same spot


Suddenly mirror the body language of others. This is a way of forming a connection. (Bond).


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