Strategic Advertising

We must consider your prospects as typical people, who are using rival brands. A women for instance, using her favorite soap. What could you say to her in person to get him to change to your brand? We cannot go after thousands of women until we learn how to win one.

You must have a seeming advantage over your competition. People don’t quit habits without reason.

Start with local advertising, even though magazine advertising is best adapted.

The product itself should be its own best salesperson. The product, plus a mental impression on what it can do for the user, and an atmosphere created around it. Offering samples for people to try are of prime importance.

Give samples to interest people only. Give them only to people who exhibit an interests in your product. Give them only to people whom you have told your story. First, create an atmosphere of respect, desire and expectation. When people are in that mood, your sample will usually confirm the qualities you claim. 

Sample server numerous valuable purposes. They enable one to use the word “Free” in ads. That resonates with readers. Most women, and men for that matter, will take note of offered that has a free gift. Results show that samples pay for themselves perhaps several times over in multiplying the readers of your ads, without additional cost of space.

A sample gets action. The reader of your ad may not be convinced to the point of buying. But, he is ready to learn more about the product that you offer. So she downloads the coupon app, ready to present it. Without that coupon (Call to Action) she might of ignored your ad.

Request your consumers name, address and email in order for them to receive their free sample. This allows you to follow up with her on how she liked your product and send her further coupons to try different products you offer.

Putting a price on a sample greatly retards replies. Then it prohibits you from using the word “Free” in your ads. And that word “Free,” as we have stated, will general pay for your samples.

An inquiry means that a prospect has read your story and is interested. She would like to try your product or learn more about it. Do exactly what you would do if that prospect stood before you.

Making a sale, without converting, does not count for much. Sales made by conviction by advertising are likely to bring permanent customers. People who buy through casual recommendations do not often stick.

Your objective in all advertising is to buy new customers at a price which pays a profit.

A person who desires to make an impression must stand out in some way from the crowd that is pleasing. Being eccentric or strange, is not a distinction to covert. But, doing something in a different way that offers a benefit, gives one a greater advantage.

People do not know us by name brand name alone, but by looks and mannerisms. Appearing different every time you run an ad, never builds up confidence.

Whenever possible introduce a personality into your ads. When we claim and improvement with our product, naming the person who made it adds effect.

Remember that a change in our characteristics will compel even our best friend to get acquainted all over again, so make any changes with caution.

Don’t point out others’ faults.

Show the bright side, the happy and attractive side, not the dark and uninviting side of things. Show beauty, not homeliness; health, not sickness. Don’t show the wrinkles you propose to remove, but the face as it will appear. Your customers know all about the wrinkles.

We are attracted by sunshine, beauty, happiness, health and success. Then point the way for your prospect to a better body, healthier skin, silkier hair, or better finances, etc. 

Tell people what to do, not what to avoid.

Make your every ad breathe with good cheer.

Assume that people will do exactly what you ask them to do. Say, “Send now for this FREE! sample.”Invite them to follow the crowd.

The headline which attracted your interest offered something that you wanted, something you may wish to know, or to have. Create that same interest in your headlines.

In an ad, the great point is to get immediate action. People are natural lagers. They postpone, and a postponed action is usually forgotten.

Do something, if possible to create immediate action. Offer an incentive if action is taken immediately. Or tell them what delay may cost them. It expires on a certain date. Overcome the tendency for them to delay.

The service of the product, not the name, is the important thing in advertising. A vast amount of space is wasted in displaying names and pictures which tell no selling story at all. Women, love to tell stories, make sure your ad tells a story.

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