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Social Media site list imageHave you ever shared a blog post, or article on Facebook, or Google+ only to realize that the photo that showed up didn’t match the subject content, or even worse, there wasn’t a photo at all to speak of, just the website header banner that displayed that killed the whole appeal of the post?

These days, images dominate the spotlight of social media content marketing. Take a look at how popular Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube are for sharing photos and videos online.

A recent study showed that 87% of shares on Facebook are of a post that features photos or videos, in comparison to those with just a link (4%) or text only (2%).

This data tells us that if your marketing efforts via social media is not visually dynamic and captivating, you won’t be seen. Including an image is one of the main key components to creating compelling content.

A thing to remember though – make sure you don’t get too repetitive with your content. If every post you share on your social media sites looks the same and sounds the same, users will soon lose interest and start looking for something more engaging and visually appealing, and that could be your competitor’s posts.

Split test your marketing all the time. For example on a Facebook page for instance – you can mix things up and experiment with photos, videos, questions, and links and then see which of these posts generate the most engagement and interaction. Do certain colors attract more attention and create more engagement with post comments and get more likes and shares then other colors?

Writing content that drives engagement does take time. Don’t expect masses amounts of user engagement to increase over night – you’ll need to spend a lot of time building and implementing your strategy before you start to see worthwhile results.

Great content shared in the right way will generate engagement, drive new users to your brand, and spread your brand awareness across the web and boost your online business profile. But you have to be patient and most of all, be consistent with your posts and marketing effort.

Every time you post a photo, you’re sure to get users’ attention – and therefore it’s a good idea to invest some time into getting high-quality, professionally-looking visuals to boost the image of your brand.

Listed below are several sites where you can get Royalty free photos as well as paying for inexpensive photos to use in your marketing content.


To view more image site visit: Buffersocial to view a list of 53 image websites that include paid images.


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