Social Media in Business

Advantages of Social Media

Users on Social media sites choose what they like, what they want to see, and what they want to interact with. In other words, users connect with social media on a personal one–on–one level.

As a business owner, if you only use social media to post links to your blog or website, you aren’t going to gain anything because it’s too impersonal.  It’s important to present a human being in all your social media marketing and campaign efforts. Don’t go out there with just your business website or brand; be there as a real living, breathing, human being who understands peoples dilemmas, problems, situations, etc.

  • Display emotion and passion in everything you do.
  • Have a clear purpose as to what problem you actually solve.

Interact with informative comments on other people’s blogs. Do what a person does naturally on social media. The level of interaction between individuals is enormous on social media websites like Twitter and Google+.

People will interact with profiles that feature real people rather than brands. People trust other people much more than an actual brand name, even when both operate in the exact same way.

You must engage users, create curiosity, solve a problem and stir emotions with your prospects so that you can convert them into potential customers.

Engage user involvement:

  • Provide answers (or if not, finding them) for people’s queries. After all that’s why they came to your site, or blog.
  • Reach out to them by commenting on relevant sites or articles
  • Provide valuable free content on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc.
  • Share links and curation of other peoples content on your websites, to add value and substance to your site
  • Ask for feedback or suggestions to improve your site

Building trust is vital in today’s marketing strategy for brands, website/blogs. Trust comes through transparency. Don’t hide anything. Today you must be completely transparent because people can find out anything they want to know about you on the World Wide Web.

Your audience’s attention spans aren’t getting any longer. Micro-content isn’t a new trend or a fad. It’s the future. Making your content more social and making your social posts more likable content are a win- win for your entire business — both your content and your social strategies.

Value, quality, and context. Apply these three litmus tests to what you share, what you write, what you post, and what you comment on and you will have the best shot at achieving a balance between being active and likable, and generating valuable content for your future prospects.

Make sure you create one key action, that in the best case scenario, you want every single visitor to your site to take some form of action, whether that is buy now, or opt-in to your newsletter.

Don’t let a possible prospect who visited your site leave without taking some form of action so that you can stay connected and build a more rewarding relationship for the both of you.


By: Fay B. Castro.

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