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Marketing Strategy

Speak to their needs. Wait! Don’t click away yet, this post contains some good stuff. Trust me ok?

First let me illustrate a marketing strategy analogy so you understand what this post is focusing on. I’m borrowing this one but I believe it explains a marketing strategy, perfectly?

“If you’re going to go for a walk in the dark, you would take a flashlight. If you shine it way out in front of you, you cannot see where you are going. If you shine it down by your feet, you can take one step at a time until you reach your destination.
I told you it was good!

In other words:-
Start small but start! Start your marketing on a small scale first. Learn the ropes before you move into the next phase. Make your initial offering a small one, maybe promote just one product or service at first. Keep your inventory as low as possible. Use word-of-mouth advertising, the cheapest but still the best marketing tool around.

You must get to know your clients and potential clients – down to the smallest detail! The more you know about them, the more they will respond to you with familiarity.

If you already own a business but sales are slow, don’t you dare think of quitting…Your reading this aren’t you, so you ? It may simply be your marketing message – not your efforts – that are preventing the growth and financial recognition you require in order to thrive.still believe in yourself and what you have to offer!

Now down to the serious, but good stuff…

Marketing strategy. You want to describe:

• The features and benefits of the products or service you will be delivering to the marketplace.
• Your target customers. (Age, gender, demographics, etc,.)
• Your competition and how you are different from them. (Your uniqueness.)
• Your pricing strategy, the right pricing structure for you (Don’t forget it’s all about making a profit.)
• How you will advertise, brand and promote yourself (Marketing champagne.)
• Your sales forecast (How much did you target per month in sales.)
• Your key risk practice and milestones (Competition, suppliers, climate, etc,.)

Invest in your business image. Invest in your promotional material. Do not skimp during your development of your logo, branding, website and business cards. Go top-notch. You want them to be impressive and memorable and represent you as an established business owner. You do not have to spend a fortune – just invest wisely to create your brand.

Analysis. Analyze your strengths, weaknesses, qualities, fault, talents and skills based on your values and priorities. This begins connecting your strengths and talents with what you would enjoy doing every day to make a living. When you realize what you are good at, you start to feel your passion or feel again repressed passion. He feels strong emotions, such as enthusiasm and excitement, when you talk about what you like to do. This creates confidence and trust from your audience, which in turn instills more self – confidence. You start believing strongly in your newly discovered passion.

Attitude. Have you heard, “change your attitude, and you can change your life?”This concern has stood the test of time. Change your attitude daily.
Since attitude is the starting point to affect change, the sooner you change your attitude and adopt a better one, the sooner you can start making a change in your life – for the better. A conscious change of attitude results in a conscious change of habits and behavior. As behavior changes, your life and the world around you starts to change. This is the beginning of a new you. Your new passion influences the way you think and the way you act. It makes you feel alive.

Action: Taking action is the key to pursuing your passion and dreams. It initiates movement in the direction you want to follow and the path you have chosen to take. You can start changing your mind by making different choices that will initiate different actions and bring about different results.

Passion: Once your vision initiates, the next crucial step is to devise a strategy. No matter how clear your vision is, if you do not have a smart strategy to implement, you will not achieve the results you want.
After the vision and strategy are in place, you can begin making money doing what you love!

Branding: Define your brand clearly, so it stands out in the minds of your ideal client and reflect your uniqueness, which is a combination of your skills, talents, personality, life experience and gifts. You need to lead it consistently into your marketing strategy to generate potential unlimited success in your business.
Putting a “face” on your company, products and service. This stands in with your personal identity and creates a living brand across all media, such as promotional products (business cards, brochures, press kits and so on), your website and all social media.

Web marketing: All entrepreneurs need to leverage technology to speed the growth and success of their business with tools such as e-mails, video marketing, blogging, and newsletter, tele-seminars, webinars, websites, social media and so on. With a fast, unstoppable role of technology available at our fingertips, you must take advantage of it, or you will be left behind.

Written marketing: To reach your market effectively, choose specific strategies to achieve specific results. Consider face – to – face networking, public speaking, workshops, radio shows, trade shows, sponsorship, or articles and so on. Your choice, based on your strengths, talents and skills. Your strengths and uniqueness will help you develop appropriate and pertinent marketing tools to suit your target market and speed the growth of your business.
The power of customer service. How do you create the wow effect? Customer service can make or break a business, and it is not to cultivate. How do you stand out? By creating more wow effects than your competition. I told you this was going to be good stuff…
What is the wow effect? It’s the art of surprising the client with a service that offers more value than expected and delivers more than what you promised.

Focus: Many entrepreneurs do not focus on their strengths and brand. Instead, their focus is divided among several services or products they offer. In doing this, the power of focus is lost.
How to begin focusing on business? Concentrate on your strengths and expertise.

Expertise and Excellence: How do you become known as the expert in what you do? Your brand in your pursuit of excellence making you stand out from the crowd. Why do clients decide to do business with you rather than your competitors? It is what you are known for that contributes to your success.

Plan C the best products and service they can get at a price that fits the perceived value of the product or service they like to buy. Be the best you can be in what you do, and clients will seek you out rather than you seeking them.
Your passion, expertise and excellence are your best and most powerful influence tools to attract your ideal clients. Explore the “know” “like” and “trust” factors to grow your business.

The power of leverage. Leverage is creating massive results with minimum amount of effort. You can create leverage for your business and action based on your passion, strength and skill.
The more leverage you have in your business, the better chance you will have of achieving huge success.
Hire others to do what you don’t want to do. Bookkeeping, designing a website, writing ad copy, hiring a graphic artist – getting whatever and where ever you need to support you in your business, and at home, frees up your time to market your business, through face-to-face connections.

Remember, the key element here is defining your unique promise of value and making it memorable by making it distinctive. Phew!

So once again let’s go over some key elements…
1. What are your strengths and attributes that make you the better choice than others that you can include in your marketing?
2. List your attributes, special talents and abilities hat can be included in your advertising and marketing campaign.
3. Connect your attributes and your promise of value. What guarantee do you offer? Include this in your marketing to add credibility and reliability to what you have to offer.
4. Transform your attributes into asset.

The primary ingredient to the success recipe is passion! Passion is the first and foremost component of your business success.
Now! When you market your products and service based on pricing alone, potential clients WILL inevitably shop around, or your competitors will match your price, leaving you little room for success. However, if you package your products and services into results – based, high – value solutions that satisfy the most pressing needs of your hungry and emotional crowd, you will immediately differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Your business needs to be a solution to your niche. The answer to their problems, and be able to command higher prices because of your unique ability or gift.

Do not follow the crowd. Just do you!

You always have to be ready and willing – to go back to the beginning. You may have to expand with new product lines and new ways to produce, distribute and sell what you have. Or maybe you’ll have to cut back and do the things you used to do when you were just starting out. Conditions change, and when they do you will have to change along with them.

However, it is really about what you are accomplishing, not what are you doing. This rule is not about getting the most things done. It’s about getting the right thing done.

It’s much easier to sell something people want than it is to sell something they need. We’re reluctantly pushed toward certain behaviors by our needs, but we’re pulled wildly by our wants.

By extracting the emotionally connection, and most compelling benefits of your product or service, you are far more likely to get your prospects to pull out their wallets.

In conclusion, there is no one secret to making money. It’s a combination of a lot of big and little things. I’m being truthful here and by saying “owning a business is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of hard work, combined with smart strategies to prosper with a passion.”

The vital role of passion remains the critical ingredients to your success! Without passion, there will be no energy, thoughts or drive to obtain the necessary courage and confidence you will need to pursue your dreams, and keep the momentum and enthusiasm going in the face of obstacles and difficulties.

Take action every day: Take one action every day to build your business and your marketing strategy. Remember! You are creating opportunities not only for yourself, but for others, as you expand.

The more specific you can be in your business plan, and writing out your mission statement that includes your marketing strategy, about what direction you want your business to go and grow, three months, six months, or a year from now, the more direct your marketing route will be and the better ROI (Return on Investment) you will receive.

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