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A Woman’s way of knowing

After reading the Women’s Evolution post, you will have a better understanding as to why women react to things in a certain way.

Scientists believe that women think holistically. They instinctively prefer to view each element in context in part to get the overall big picture. Scientist also think that a women’s brain connectivity may account for the legendary woman’s intuition, allowing women to pull together more detail from sources such as sight, speech, emotional overtone and emerge with a non-linear conclusion.

Senses and Sensitivity

Extrasensory perception. Men and women literally see things differently no matter what someone else might tell you?

Men are better at focused sharp vision (think “spotlight”), while women have better peripheral vision (think “floodlight”). For all four remaining senses, women’s responses are more acute; they can detect more subtle levels of input. Women are much more sensitive to odor and fragrances; in fact, women can recognize their newborn baby by smell alone. And women have a greater ability than men to experience the four areas of taste: bitter – sweet – salty – and sour.

Psychologists say that when it comes to resolving complex interpersonal situations, women tend to base their thinking on examples and personal experience, while men’s thoughts are more likely to concern ideas on right and wrong. Man say, “This is what’s right. Here are the rules.”Women say, “It depends.” Women want the big picture before they make a purchasing decision. Don’t make it too technical, make it legible so she can understand. Demonstrate it in a video, describing all its benefits will be a great asset to your sales presentation.

It doesn’t matter to a women if you’ve just released the latest thing-a-me-jig, that “everyone” want to see the blue – prints of, because it’s the new release of a stylish new vehicle, and surely everyone wants to appreciate the finer qualities of its construction? It doesn’t matter – because most women really don’t care

Gender Culture

The secret to a successful marketing campaign that will win women consumer’s, is to understand what women value. Which means what they cherish, what they truly enjoy, what they take pride in, or what matters the most to them. What matters to a women – is different from what matters to a men.

Social values

It’s fair to say that women think that people are the most important and interesting element in life. To women, it’s self evident that when you come right down to it, it’s all about people. It’s wired into women’s evolutionary programming.

Women take pride in their caring, consideration, and their loyalty trait, and one way they demonstrate this is by looking out for others in their, family, neighbors, friends, and even coworkers. Women are always conscious of things that might be relevant to someone they know, and care about. Whether the issue is her husband’s health, a colleague’s upcoming vacation, or a friends son’s college choice, a woman is constantly in “scan” mode; the client is always with her, like voices in her head.

A women’s highest value is a feeling of closeness and connection with another person. As far as women are concerned, when two people are really close, they want to know everything about each other. They want to know the other’s dreams, doubts, and disappointments; their favorite food, shoe store, manicurist, and macaroni recipes. They even want to know about yesterday’s meeting and tomorrow appointment.  Nothing is too dull or too personal. That’s the point, nothing is too personal, it’s all about: getting personal. Allow a women to try your product or service and she will share if you fulfilled her need, with a quality product, or outstanding service.

Women believe that everyone deserve equal consideration no matter what color your skin or planet you are from. They want peace and consideration, and mutual support.

They are of a “Three Musketeers” attitude. “All for One.” Other people are a foundation for strength, a shoulder to cry on; or a hand to hold. As the song goes, “People who need people, are the luckiest people in the world.”

Women do care, and they will vote with their wallet. Seventy-seven percent of women were likely to consider a company’s reputation for supporting a cause when purchasing a gift (compared to 64 percent of men). Sixty-five percent of female shoppers said they planned to purchase a product in which a percentage of the price is donated to a cause (compared to 54 percent of male consumers).

Their number one “hope” when a women survey was conducted was to make the world a better place; seeing their children become really successful comes in second place.

Most women feel that advertisers don’t understand them and, worse, that advertising portrays their gender in a way that’s actually annoying rather than appealing.

Women preferred to think in terms of everyone getting ahead – not ahead of anybody else, mind you, just moving forward together. Their motto is “the more, the merrier.”

Women don’t particularly want to be looked up to, any more than they want to be looked down on. In the world of women, they prefer a position of side-by-side. For women, the operative emotion is not envy, but empathy.

Women think making other people jealous is petty and small minded. They’re more likely to relate to the premise, “Yep– that looks like my life. If that product works for her, it will probably work for me, just as well as it has worked for her.”

Women are more likely to seek out a welcome assistance from other people, and to relate to communications that characterized their views of themselves as “lifetime learners.”

Women seem to all agree that there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. Women are not just busy, they are time starved. Time is the ultimate luxury for a women. One way women deal with the time crunch is by multitasking.

If a women is not doing more than one task at a time, she feels a vague sense of unease, and will start looking around for something else to add to her list of things to do.

Women getting married have an acute emergency – they need help now. Marketers who tune on to women’s immediate concerns and find a way to lend a helping hand in a relevant way, will earn a women’s eternal gratitude.


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