The Secrets to Achieving Top Ranking on Google!

Search Engine Optimization:

When you’re serious about marketing your company’s web site.

Optimization: ‘The procedure used to make a system or design as effective or functional as possible.’


Do you have a Company website, Home Based Business, home page, gift site, personal story or blog, then you need to market it on the Internet? This web page has the information you need to achieve top page ranking on the Search Engines.

Are you Getting Visitors to your Website?

Follow these steps for Top Page Ranking on Google, Yahoo! Bing., etc.

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Don’t pay any company or service your hard earned money to optimize your website when they don’t know how to optimize their own!

Many companies can create a beautiful looking WordPress template but when it comes to optimization they don’t have a clue.

Want to Know what Keywords and keyword phrases your Competitors website is being Ranked under on the Search Engine?

Follow These Few Simple Steps to Scope Out your Competition.

1) Type their URL (Website address) in the search bar and visit their website.

2) While viewing their home page click on the word ‘View’ on your Toolbar
(The toolbar is the horizontal row of text visibly displayed at the top of the screen in
the form of the following words: File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tool and Help. Click on the
word ‘View‘ (and a drop down text menu displays.)

3) Scroll down the list and click on the word ‘Page Source.’ (Near the bottom of the list)
A text box will open, this box displays in HTML language for the home page. (This is
where the Meta Tag information is that holds vital information for the Search Engines.)

4) Don’t become frightened by the codes, focus only on the top section of that box.
Usually, the forth line from the top will display the word <title> under the word <html>
<head> There needs to be text typed next to the <title>
These words should be your company name: your Business URL, plus it should state here
where you are located. This will help define you in the search engines over another business
with the same or similar business name to yours, located in another town or state.
Next: Look below that section till you see the words: <meta name=”keywords”
content= Take a good look at this list of keywords. Are they related to what you are
selling? Are there some keywords here that you would use? There should be no less
than 10 words typed in this section. These are the keywords that the ‘spiders’ and
‘crawlers’ (Search engine spies), grab and use to place your website on the search
engines using those keywords. This section is extremely important. You don’t want to
be ranked in the search engines under keywords that are not relative to what your
product or service is all about. You need to take these keywords and check them
for search popularity in

Google Keyword Search Tool.

(Make sure that you place on your website the most searched for but least amount of competitive website first on your list.)

5) Next: View the words typed next to the “Descriptive” tag <meta name=”Description” Content= These words should describe what your business or website is all about in a short description. Your elevator speech so to speak. You can also include here your slogan. (Not all HTML list codes are in the same order.)

Wanting to know what keyword Google is listing your site under? Visit the Google Keyword Search Tool again only this time type in on the right hand side your website URL. (See diagram below) This result will confirm that you are being listed in Google, etc, search engines under the correct keywords related to your websites product or service.

For the Search Engines:

*Keyword descriptive information about your company, or service listing your keywords associated with your product or service should be written at the top section of the home page. It should include written descriptive text of about 250 words. ‘Spider’s, ‘Crawler’s are sent out from the various Search engines to not only read your keywords in your Meta Tag, but to also correlate keyword content included on the home page and in your blog posts.

Make sure that every time you post from your blog, the title is related to keyword search terms highly searched for on Google. To get a list of these Long tail and short tail keyword search term click here.

I’m a Search Engine Website Optimizer and NOT a Website Submission Company.

There is a big difference. To receive a list of keywords for your website click here.

Just because you have a Website or blog doesn’t mean people are going to find it unless you know the inside secrets of being visible on the Internet. Don’t give up your dreams of making an income from your website! With the information provided above and my help using my keyword finder tools, those dreams of financial independence from your Online business can become TRUE!

I started offering my service for optimizing websites because: A small business owner contacted me and put his trust in my knowledge that I have acquired over many years and my expertise. For a number of years this business owner had paid the cost incurred of having a website hosted and maintained by someone who was a website designer and not a website optimization service.

Customer’s came to their place of business because of their visible location but very little contact by email or phone as a result of their website.

After spending one week studying their site and making the necessary changes to their content on keywords on several pages, their dreams became a reality. Within two weeks I had them listed within the top ten search ranking on Yahoo!, Bing, AltaVista, etc. Google followed shortly after. That was six years ago. Technology has changed and my expertise with added tools can accelerate those ranking result to within hours and not weeks as before.

Stop having website hosting fees become a financial burden. It takes someone with the right knowledge to turn a financial strain into a financial gain!!

I offer a custom personalized service.

Cost: $59.95 – $499.00 Depending on the number of web pages to be keyword optimized and future blog post keyword Long tail phrases.

(Please allow a minimum of one week to present keyword results for your website.)

Remember! Search engine users (Internet surfers) generally never go beyond the first page of Google. Are you listed there?

You should always include search engine optimization in your marketing budget. Search engine Optimization is a relatively new science that has become a crucial element to a web site business success. Especially today during these economic tough times your business needs to be seen.

Let people know your business exists and what unique service you can offer them. How can they learn all about you if they cannot find you?

Our effective search engine optimization strategies are directed towards providing our customers with maximum, Return On Investment. (ROI) in real time.

I have the knowledge to access the key information that the ‘robots’ and ‘spiders’ are searching for on every website.

I can help you use the correct keywords that your target market is searching for if you are just getting starting with your Online business.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

Fay B. Castro