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Base your website SEO optimization first and foremost on what’s best for the visitors of your site. They’re the main consumers of your content, product or service and are using search engines to find you.

Search engine optimization is about putting your site’s best foot forward when it comes to visibility in search engines, but your ultimate consumers are your users, and not the search engines. So, focus your page on creating a conversion. (Opt-in, subscribe or purchase your product.)

Put text on your website page(s). Content is KING!

Think about what users will type in the Google, Yahoo or Bing, etc., search bar when looking for your particular service or product. (Contact me to find out exactly what keywords and keyword phrases your prospects are typing in the search bar to find you.)

Let the users add comments to your pages or posts. Open your content up for questions so that people can leave comments. Your visitor’s will perform your SEO for you in their comments.

Put more work into a single website rather than create a lot of little sites. Google rewards those who devote time to their website. (It’s all about content.) This is the information age.

Link your website to other good quality, informative websites through a link exchange. Or include other valuable sites URL by hyper linking using certain words in the content of your page.

Very important: Always keep your WordPress blog up to date.

Add keywords, or phrase in your URL (domain name) and title. Include physical location or your mean website focus or product offer.

Original content: Google puts no value on duplicated content or duplicated websites. (MLM sites will not get index in the search engines. If you want your MLM site to be seen, you will have to verbally, or publish your MLM website URL on other sites, for prospects to view YOUR site.)

Think about branding. Differentiate yourself from others. Standout from the crowd. Create or write something that is unique and brands you. Makes yourself distinct.

Offer something of compelling value on your site. Information they cannot read or get anywhere else.

In your original content, think about what will bring people back to your website or blog. It’s much easier to resell to an existing customer, then to go out and find a new one.

Have your blog show your human side, but do not get too personal where you might offend someone.

Create your own videos to brand you and demonstrate your expertise.

Post your website link on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.,.

Add related videos or content on your site. Make sure you include reference to where video or content came from by including a link from, Wikipedia, TED, etc,.

Have a good hosting plan so visitors can always access your site. There is nothing worse than clicking on a website URL to find the site down because of a poor hosting company.

You want conversation when visitors land on your site. Remember, you have only about 5 to 10 seconds (max) to ensure each visitor they are at the right place… if they don’t see what they expect from your meta description, they will leave to continue their search.

Have a good keyword meta-description on each page.

Search engines want what users want, and that’s CONTENT!

Keep your website fresh by adding new content on a regular basis. Having a comments section on your site will help with keeping your site active.

As Google improves its understanding of web page structure, it’s more likely to pick text from the actual page content, and less likely to use text that is part of a header.

Put your business address on your page includes city and state if you have a physical location.

Make sure your internal links, content, images, link to relevant content within your site.

Manually, get relevant links; don’t buy links that are not relevant to your website content, this will only hurt your ranking in the search engines.

Make sure you have your keyword phrases listed several times on each page. (Contact me to receive a list of highly searched keyword phrases pertaining to your product, service or industry.)

Use a .com. or a .net in your domain name URL.

Google makes about 500 changes a year to its algorithms and that it has over 200 signals it uses to rank results. There is always a possibility that one of these changes or signals can have a major impact on your sites ranking, as many website owners found out this past year with the Panda update.

Google does say that these lists of algorithms change now on a monthly basis, so make sure your SEO consultant keeps you informed of the latest changes so that the changes will not affect your websites ranking in the search engines.

My name is Fay B. Castro and I’m an SEO Consultant. I offer a service that provides you with the latest keyword phrases that your prospects are searching for on Google.

I will analyze your website using the tools I have available to inform you of areas of SEO not been fully utilized on your website. Keywords, keyword phrases, back links, meta description, internal links, external links, etc,.

You can reach me through my contact form on this website, or phone me direct at: 916-709-4935.

Thank you for your time, and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, or contact me through my contact form on this site.

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