Sensory Details

Women possess a hidden sensory ability. 

Women pick up on things that men don’t even register – either because they physically can’t, or because they can’t be bothered. This is partly because a woman’s “extrasensory sensitivity”; their radar screens seem to be set on a higher state resolution. And women’s “bandwidth” from screening distinctions is made of a finer- gauge mesh. If you can touch it, taste it, hear it, see it, or smell it, she is probably noticing it at some level, and it’s figuring into her assessment of your product, service, or communications.

Even beyond the normal five senses, women possess a more hidden sensory ability. They can read subtle inconsistency in tone of voice, facial expression, gestures, and body language. This gives them a sort of “emotional x-ray vision.” If you stand face – to – face with a female customer, any insincerity-or lies,  vulgarity or rudeness, plus a forward aggressive stance, (body should be at a 45% angle, not facing directly forward,) will result in the unfortunate gender judgments, and you’ll lose the sale.

Women do not settle for “good enough.” And if that means it takes longer for you to get over that bar, so be it.

When a women buys a phone, for example, she wants it to be light weight, with no stubby antenna that sticks out and catches on everything in her bag. The most important thing to her, as she travels around for her job, often in rural places, is that the phone work well, just about anywhere (“Can you hear me now?”) and that it doesn’t rack up ridiculously high roaming fees, and she wants her phone to be cute.

Women don’t settle for something that is only 90 percent of what she wanted. If she’s going to all kinds of trouble to get something, and keep it for a long time, she wasn’t settle for only 90 percent. She will put in more effort to get 100 percent.

A male consumer, the first option he encounters in the store and it checks off his “Top Box” criteria – problem solved. He Buys. Proceed to next priority.

Which brand a man buys, is based almost as much on proximity to the door, or qualified option, whichever he encounters first. A woman on the other hand has a longer list of priorities, and her decision is based on the whole list of requirements, including the “nonessential but nice to have” option.

To women, the details are the good part.

Woman want the full story, and making a long story short is not your best option to keep her attention. She needs some specifics to work with to keep her engaged. And to serve her in her search for the Perfect Answer, should require a lot of product and service information to compare against till longer list.

According to “People Magazine” 41 percent of its women readers agreed (and only 34 percent of its male,) that they learned a lot from reading other people’s stories that they published, and it helped the reader in their judgment to making the right decision with their situation.

If you want to have a good conversation with a woman customer, either face – to – face or via your marketing message, you need to build up rapport.

To get the leading edge, women connect through similarity, they strive to establish links. The key word is empathy – and the force is strong.

Women want to connect; they want to find out what they have in common with someone else. Even without thinking about it, a woman will grasp the opportunity to emphasize virtually any similarity between herself and the speaker.


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