Sales Process Steps

Sales process through women’s eyes.

As soon as the salesperson introduces himself to a woman, he is sized up to determine whether she can trust him or not. 

The first indicator is his language, was he polite, and did he use good grammar? Was he respectful?  He made no comments about being a woman on my own at a car dealership. He didn’t look me up and down, and he asked me all kinds of appropriate and appropriate questions about my life style, and what was important to me in a car. 

Then, as we strolled through the dealership I measured the reaction of his colleagues, was my salesperson a respected member of the team, or did I get a dud?  I searched their faces and body language for clues.  Most people want to be sold by someone who appears to be successful because it makes them more confident on their buying decision.  All of that inspection took place within the first 3 minutes of meeting the salesman. 

Mastering the sale

Setting the stage for the sale is part one. Selling the actual product is part two.  To her, the salesperson is as much a part of the brand as the item he’s selling. 

Women are interested in manners and appearance of the salesman.

An effective technique for persuading women to believe in a product, especially when it is expensive and they can use the reassurance. Is “don’t take my word for it – see what these respected publications reviews have to say,” about us.

Safety is a critical element with women.

When women are on the receiving end of this treatment, they tell their friends and friends of friends. Treat your customers as if they were a guest in your own home. Anyone can copy what you are doing but they cannot copy the actual way in which you do it. 

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