Sales and Marketing Plan

Marketing, Sales and Public Relations.

Satisfaction GuaranteeEvery business has to embrace a Sales and Marketing Plan as well as a public relations person, or team, to rise above their competition. People buy people. Romancing your prospects through the “sale funnel” to becoming your client best friend is about being of service, approachable and engage-able. “Know”  “like” and “trust” is the new mantra.

People will be more willing to buy a product if they know exactly what they are getting. So, have a Sales and Marketing Plan in force.

Many marketers love to use fancy prose, grand promises and technical jargon to bedazzle potential customers. This isn’t such a bad thing in most cases, but all this grandstanding will be for potential new clients, but your prospects do not understand what the heck they are looking at. Be as transparent as you can about what you sell and you will find customers much more willing to do business with you.

People need to be able to recognize you, even when you are not in front of them.

Make yourself distinctive. Is there professional code, demeanor, style or action in your field you master the info? Add your own accent, call is off playing. Something that let others know who you are and make’s you unique. No one does you, as you do you. This makes it seem effortless and easy.

When you put you in the mix, you make your image authentic and unique. Only one person can do you, and that is you. The great news is this – when you tap into your unique image, no one can copy. They can try, but they will not succeed.

Find something about yourself that you’ll like. Make it part of your identifiable charm and include it in your Sales and Marketing Plan.

  • The key components of your image. Approach your image as if you are making a delicious meal. Be true and authentic and be pleasing to the eyes. Your ideal clients have fine taste and cannot wait to experience your offerings.
  • Make several adjustments without selling out. It is important to constantly add new tweaks here and there while remaining true to who you are. Make all you are a constant reminder of your company’s core message.

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