Retail Solutions with Women Consumers

Retail is a reflection of life.

How to get women to linger, and enjoy the experience and more importantly buy more stuff comes down to the following principles:-

  • Friendly, available help matters

In the online world if someone can’t find something they are looking for they immediately go to another website or click on another link, either way, they usually get immediate gratification. This has changed our frame of reference, and it means that when women have to wonder around the store looking for help, five minutes can feel like five hours.  When it comes to women shoppers, a lack of humans can put retail in a dangerous position.

  • Women have busy lives.

Women have a tendency to group errands together to maximize productivity.  This makes them open to picking up products that weren’t on their list, because buying something now will save them a trip back later. (Or so they will tell themselves), and besides, they also have their antennae out for things that members of their “family” might like.

A more academic way of explaining how women shop is to say; women shop in a holistic fashion.

  • Women shopping experiences are transformed when children are involved.

More than ever kids, strollers, child carriers, and other accessories come with women in their shopping trip.  How easy is your retail environment to navigate given this reality? From family bathrooms at the store entrance to dressing rooms that accommodate children and aisle wide enough for strollers, kids are an important reality for almost anyone with a predominantly female shopping base. This makes it just plain silly that we still have six – items – or-less policy for so many dressing rooms. It limits sales because people are so time crunched they don’t want to make multiple trips to the dressing room – especially when there is no one there to help them get different sizes anyway.

  • Women will abandon a personal shopping experience if it inconveniences their companions

Few retailers invest in the simplest of products: chairs for weary shoppers and the people accommodating them. More clothes have been abandoned in more dressing rooms because a woman can hear the audible sighs and distress calls of her (often male) companion, propped up against a pillar in the ladies department. Simple furnishings, such as chairs, magazines, and televisions can make all the difference between whether a shopping trip is cut off after an hour or lasts the whole day.

There are an infinite number of ways to unearth female friendly insights within a retail environment. Most mirrors are needed everywhere, especially in purse and shoe departments. Those little ones on the stools will not do, and yes, women need a mirror to “try on” a purse. All that’s needed is a genuine desire to understand, and the answer will be there for the taking.

Women not just the future, they’re the now.

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