Now more than ever

Women are the driving force of the global economy, and men drive the majority senior-level business decisions. Which means that men are usually the people who have the final say in designing and approving products that are aimed at women:  Developing marketing campaigns that target women: creating retail environments to attract women; and setting up sales training programs that teach your staff the key techniques to motivate women to say, “I’ll Take it.” Are major assets to your company success.

Instead of thinking perhaps we don’t understand our female customerspeople will tell themselves that the media wasn’t right or the distribution strategy didn’t work or the agency didn’t do its job.  But there is another possibility: that one sex is making all the purchasing decisions, in a way that other just can’t see.

From the moment females are born, gender identity is a crucial part of personality development.  Boys soon learn to reject or repress all things feminine in order to be accepted by their peers and society at large. One of the reason’s you don’t see a lot of six year old boys wearing a hot pink shirt to soccer practice. Throughout a boys childhood they are put under pressure to prove their masculinity by shunning or even mocking famine traits, the penalty for being viewed remotely feminine at a young age is to risk being humiliated and outcast for being a sissy.

Women may notice things about your products, marketing campaigns or sales environment that they dislike, and these are the very things that can escape the attention of management entirely or be viewed as to inconsequential to invest in.

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