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There are aids to helping you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your WordPress blog or website, there are SEO plugins like All in One SEO Pack, but you still have to find out which keywords and Keyword phrases to use. Which ones are highly searched with the least amount of competition, so at least your post or page has some chance of showing up on the first page of Google?

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Google searches the web through links. You need websites with valuable content to link to your site or blog and you link back to them. You also need internal links inside your blog or website. Your internal links within your site should be linked to pictures and pages within your site. The Spiders/Crawlers from the search engines love links. You want as many external links as possible pointing to your website/blog.

The more content you write the more keywords and phrases you have to offer to the search engines in creating exposure and receiving visibility on Google Search Engine.

How to Generate Keywords on WordPress.

Open your Dashboard, then open your image gallery and give your images a title and a description. Use keywords associated with your product or service. Images can show up on Google images page and people can find your site that way.

How to generate keywords in WordPress; click on settings and under General Settings tab, set your site title. WordPress uses site semantic (identify associations and concepts related to a query).

Also, complete your tag line. Explain what your site is about using keywords. Tag lines appear on every page. Tags are one word keywords.

You want to attract people to your site because you are offering what they are searching for, plus it could increase your conversion rate.

When you create a WordPress post, include in the tag line your keywords under each post that you make. Also fill in the excerpt box. Give a brief summary of content of your post.

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