Mobile phones are high volume personal fashion statements

Mobile and desktop websiteWith over one billion handsets sold worldwide every year, mobile has unique attributes versus other media choices including the locality, or geographic specificity, it can attain; and the potential personalization of the medium because each consumer has a handset.

These factors are of major value to many marketers, thereby giving mobile the opportunity to capture some of the nearly $500 billion spent worldwide in advertising annually.


Pricing made Online advertising the so-called deal of the century. There is no reason to believe that mobile will not have a similar economics. For that reason alone, marketers should consider mobile as part of the mix. While many marketers are slow to respond, the early adapters have chance to capture immediate value while locking in long-term benefits by gaining valuable experience.

I urge those of you in marketing and advertising to get a road map for success in mobile.

Mobile phones are high volume, personal fashion statements. They are always carried and always on, unlike computers. They enable the user to experience of camera, video and voice, and they have built-in payment mechanisms.

Number of Mobile Phones in the United States: 302,947,098.  USA Population: 310,866,000 Percentage of Population with a Mobile device: 96% as of December 2010.

Mobile marketing makes perfect sense. Is your business Mobile?


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