Men and Women View the World in a Different Way

Clearly, gender differences play an important role in how one interprets the world. Recognizing how these differences impact purchasing decisions is a significant first step towards getting in tune with your customers’ “Female frequency.” Here is a summary sheet to help guide you along the way.

Men and Women’s Points of View

Women Think Men Think
Want to be indispensable.Need to be connected.Desire to minimize status differences A wish to be independent.A need to be respected.Conscious of the rank in the pack
Expose feelings and vulnerabilities.Connect with other people by talking  Do not discuss feelings and hide vulnerability.Connect with others through activities or by talking about business, politics, or sports.
Feel invigorated when they can help others. Feel powerful when they’re in charge of others.
The stories that people share about themselves are the best part of any conversation. Technology and sport, that’s what is interesting to men. Information about people is boring.
Conflict can be stressful.Relationship is more fun. Conflict is great; it gets the blood boiling.Collaboration is exciting only if there’s a goal to win and someone to beat.
Self-esteem is resulting from the quality of relationships in their lives.  Achievement is based on internal goals. Self-esteem is derived from achieving things independently, without help or handouts from others.
What a product does for me is what’s most important. How a product actually works is most interesting.


Chart provided by: Why She Buys, The New Strategy For Reaching the World’s Most Powerful Consumer by: Bridget Brennan.

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