Marketing to a Mother

Mother’s Brain

Within day’s or even a few hours after giving birth, a mother’s brain takes on an overwhelming protectiveness for her newborn child.

When marketing to a mother remember that her child’s needs come first above all else. You have to market your product to her in such a way that your product does not sacrifice her child’s needs, but somehow benefits them.

Maternal aggression sets in. Her strength and resolve to care for and protect this little newborn completely grab the brain circuits. She feels as if she could stop a moving train with her own body to protect her baby. Her brain has been changing and along with it her reality. It’s perhaps the biggest reality change of a woman’s life.

Since a mother’s brain has virtually expanded its definition of the self to now include her child, the needs of the child will become a biological imperative for the mother, perhaps more compelling to her brain than her own needs.

The changes that happen in the mother’s brain are the most profound and permanent of a woman’s life. For as long as her child is living under her roof her GPS system of brain circuits will be dedicated to tracking that beloved child. Long after the grown baby leaves the nest, the tracking device continues to work. Perhaps this is why so many mother’s experience intense grief and panic when they lose day-to-day contact with their child. Their brain tells them this is an extension of your own reality.

With this being said, you have to remember when marketing to a mother, before she makes any purchase she will have to convince herself that she deserves the item she is buying. If she buys this item, are her children going to have to sacrifice for it, will they have to go without because the money has been spent on her. So when a woman says she will have to think about it, she does! She is trying to make the validation in her mind that it is ok to buy that item.

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