Marketing Message to Women

What Marketing Message are you Portraying to Women?

Below we have provided the answer’s that can help you target market your products or services to women.

  1. Emotions: You first have to consider a woman’s hormones, yes! I said hormones. They swing up and down affecting her mood from week to week. (Sorry for being so blunt.) A woman buys on her emotions. How you’re marketing your product, connecting with her gut, before it reaches her head, is crucial. Women have to feel emotionally connected to the purchase they’re about to make. Why? Because they read labels. They conduct research. They educate themselves. When a woman takes cash out of her purse to pay, or puts an item into her shopping cart, whether that be online or offline, she’s done the background check and run the product through her trust system, (her personal friends) whether that be physical or through social media sites.
  2. Honesty: is always the best policy. If you want to have any hope of marketing to a woman successfully, you have to make sure your product is labeled honestly and informatively and your sales staff backs it up with being educated on its benefits. Don’t expect a woman to fold and buy something simply because it’s pink, or somehow stereotypical feminine. If the product has something to do with a woman’s body and biology, you could try that, but for everything else, don’t insult her intelligence. Ensure that the role of the product in the woman’s life is clearly portrayed. Explain to her how it is going to benefit her and her family if she has children!
  3. Intelligence: A lot of products and services that are meant for women are actually marketed by men. This may have worked in long, long ago but it’s not going to be sufficient now. You can’t tell a woman what she wants, because she knows what she wants. The average female consumer is educated, self-aware, informed and opinionated. Make sure you test your marketing approach on the women around you, and welcome all feedback. Studies have shown that women want to be treated as intellectual adults. Don’t talk down to her if she’s buying something technical.
  4. Service: Women of the world today are not a pushover, and she demands respect. She most certainly isn’t going to be won over by smoke and mirrors. She’ll ask you the hard questions and expects you to have an answer. She demands attention and excellent customer service. She’s your advertising to the community walking around on two legs. Heck! Even the world with the Internet and Social media. If she is dissatisfied with your product or service, she could single-handed shut you down. Women talk, and talk and talk, to whoever will listen. On the other hand, if she’s happy with your product or service, she will tell her friends, and they will tell their friends and so on and so on. Who knows how big your name, and reputation could get?

If you had a product or service to market to women today, what would be your approach, and what would be the first thing you would do to connect to her emotions? Would it be a certain image, or moving words that connect with her gut feeling?

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