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Make a conscious choice to address and speak to women.

Why not create a campaign devoted entirely to women but, if your brand, product or service is something appeals to men AND women alike why not speak to each demographic differently? It only makes sense as we look at everything differently than men.

Businesses that think their product is for both men and women are missing the marketing boat.

Women control $8 trillion in assets in the U.S., and by 2020 are expected to control $22 trillion, according to TD Ameritrade.  Consider these statistics:-

  • 89% of financial account openings are controlled by women
  • Women sign 80% of all checks, business and personal
  • Women take care of 75% of all family finances
  • 66% of women maintain separate investment accounts from their spouse
  • 27% of all millionaires are women

Remember in your marketing champagne: A woman’s end goal isn’t typically to accumulate money, but to improve her life and those of her family.

Two demographics of women were surveyed and were made up of married women, or those in couples. These two segments of women spent over $200 billion in 2011; it’s understandable that marketers want to get as much information about these groups as possible.

While married women with a median age of 38 are more accepting of product information found on TV and online, single women in a relationship with a median age of about 34 years old, consume product information across online, social, and mobile platforms. These are the platforms where these groups build brand trust, which is required before any purchases are made.

Married women, think through purchases in terms of cost, product value, and brand name and research online before purchasing in store while women single women in a relationship, spend freely.

Women rely on information they see online, so your advertising better make sure you are establishing trust. What I mean, use what you know about your target market a “women” to customize the content in the ad itself to target market directly to her. Don’t forget to connect with her emotions.

There’s no one a woman trusts more for advice, recommendations and guidance than another woman in her circle or friend. Whether that is a friend she’s met online through social media, or a personal friend.

And when you factor in that women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from large ticket items like autos to health care, it only stands to reason that the most powerful consumer a brand can have… is a woman. Create a relationship with those making the bulk of the purchasing decisions. You cannot afford not to have her supporting your brand. Especially in today’s economy.

Stay actively engaged with her. Listen to her story and give her watch she needs to make her life easier and save her time and of course, money! – Key word being “Active.” If she asks you a question, respond right away. Let her know your there to serve her needs. This builds trust.

Empower a woman by offering her exclusive offers and “insider” information about contests and promotions, etc. A woman wants to know she’s the first to receive inside information so she can share it with all her friends.

When one woman in their “circle” – be it online or offline, asks another woman for advice or suggestions or recommendations, etc. She will tell them all about her wonderful experience with your brand… and there will be joy and happiness all over the land. Nothing invigorates a woman more, then the satisfaction of being able to give to others. So make her feel special. In your marketing champagne let her know she’s only one of a chosen few, to be invited in on your current promotion. (Even though she may not be.) Let her be the one that thinks she’s the one spreading the word about your amazing offer, so she can share this great deal you’re offering with friends.

Women talk to other women about everything. Whether it’s in the grocery store, kid’s soccer game, at work, walking the dog, they never stop talking. If something has given us complete satisfaction and we love what it has done for us, you don’t think we’re going to share? Oh! We will…No matter the topic. Is she talking about your brand?

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By: Fay B. Castro

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