Website ideas

Does your website generate sale?

  • What is the main goal of your site?
  • What are your three highest priorities? Is it to sell a product or service? Create credibility for your business? Attract new clients? Establish yourself as an expert? Get booked as a speaker? Increase your list of potential clients?
  • How can you make your website work for you?

Marketing is the act of telling everyone about your amazing business. Internet marketing is doing it on the web. That means having a website that establishes you as an expert in your field by provided content (value) and a quick and easy means for customers to buy right from your site. Your goal is to connect your target market with your incredible products or service.

Create your website tones using the recommended color tones selection chart on the web color chart page.

When adding content to your website and getting your message across to women, the key point to remember is 85% of women surveyed said “They want to make the world a better place.” Whereas only 27% wanted to be younger. But! 82% said “Have enough time to do what I want to.” Keep that in mind when writing your copy on your website. “How does your product or service save them time, so they can do other things?”

As voracious information seekers, women see the Net as a godsend. Count on them spending lots of time online researching questions on what matters to them –seeking out product information.

For those who sell directly off the Internet, leverage interactive capabilities to suggest related products or services while she’s shopping on your site. Cross – selling and up-selling via the “buy a blouse that matches that skirt” theory of shopping.

The four star points of female gender culture are defined as Social Values, Life/Time Factors, Focus Strategies, and Communication Keys.

Alternatively as you are developing your advertising, for example, you should be looking at it relatively to all four star points: Women’s Social Values, Life/Time Factors, Focus Strategies, and Communication Keys.

Any consumer purchase decision process can be simplified into the five stages: Activation, (capable of action) Nomination, (a suggestion) Investigation, (an example) and Decision, (something that somebody chooses) Retention, (the act of retaining) and Recommendation, (a good or sensible thing to do.) Take Action!

In your content, especially the headlines and subheads, use keywords that the user will enter to find your site. Search engines look for keywords in these areas first, then in the body copy and then in the description tags to your post or page. Also, attach keywords and descriptions to all your images on your site.

Sell the benefits of your site, not just the features of what you have to offer. A woman who signs up for a diet program does so because she sees the benefits of having a leaner healthier body, not because she’s going to get tasty chocolate shakes of pre-– packaged frozen meals. The same applies to your product and service. What are the benefits to the user? Have you communicated the benefits in your key message and backed it up in headings, subheadings and throughout your body copy?

Be true to your uniqueness. All business communications start with your brand. The technical definition of branding is the identity of a specific product, service or business. It can be your name, sign, symbol, color, slogan or even a sound. The reality is that branding is so much more – it’s the emotional connection customers feel about you.

This emotion connection is very important especially when marketing to women. Emotions can be based on a promise being delivered and an expectation of consistent value and worth. The client feels comfortable when purchasing a product or service from a familiar brand. It is this emotional connection to the client that is the foundation of your growing business, and the launching point for building a brand identity and standing out from the crowd. Being uniquely you.

A professional website makes business look more credible, established and bigger. Use the word “we” when describing your company.

Make it clear what you have to offer. Not only do you have to make it obvious what you do, you also have to do it very quickly. The average user visiting your site takes less than one second to form an opinion about your business. You only have four seconds to communicate exactly what you have to offer whether that’s a product, service or information, and for whom you do it for, before your viewer leave your site and goes to your competitor.

Highlight each product or service and making it obvious what your business offers. Present key offerings with informational text, images and links for each navigation and customer sales.

Keep it simple. Make it easy for the viewer to get what they want. They most likely came to your site through a search link and description. Make sure they view that product or service they were searching for and make sure that the important information is “above the fold.” This is the area higher on the page and does not require any scrolling down to read or view the content.

Keep the main navigation items to seven or less headings and utilize a drop – down menu as the sub pages. Have the navigation bar run horizontal across your page. If you have several products or services, highlight them in one place as subjects that your client can choose to view a specific highlighted topic or is on page on your website. Feature these titles and images on the main page or in the sidebar for easy access. Think of your site as a house, with several places you want the visitor to visit. By having several ways to get to the same page, you make it easier for the user and increase the likelihood of an interaction.

The important items should never be more than two clicks away or you may lose some potential clients. Also, it is great to have a main services page, but keep your individual services on separate pages to give each the attention it deserves. This will allow your clients to be directed easier to the service they are most interested in and to see it at its best.

Use your website to collect e-mail addresses by providing a compelling offer that entices users to subscribe to your e-mail list and collect your free offer. The offer not only acts as an incentive to capture user information, but it also establishes you as an expert and increases your credibility. Use this offer to highlight services you provide and be sure to include your contact information.

Be social. Interaction makes for a dynamic and lively environment that allows users to help promote your website and services while helping you in your search engine rankings.

By connecting with your clients on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others, you can educate your clients about your business, tell them how to get in touch with you and create links back to your website. This is also a chance to continue to showcase you as an expert by posting valuable information and special offers. You can also ask your social networks for “likes” on your site by attaching code provided by the social net work. This code places a button on the site that allows the user to “like” it. On some social networks, there are also options to “share” your site, or blog with their contacts are direct them to your fan page you have also created on Facebook.

A content rich blog is a great way to keep potential customers’ coming back. Having a blog and posting to it on a regular basis is very helpful for getting found on the Internet as long as you have optimized your posts and pages. Search engines have programs called “spiders” that search sites, compound keywords and rank them according to content on their search engine. New content is like food for the spiders, and the answer to your search engine rankings.

Another good idea is to be a guest blogger on other websites and have a link back to your site. There are lots of different blog sites, called “directory,” that allow you to register your blog and link back to your site. You can also post a small section of your blog content to all your social networks and direct the user back to your site, for the full content post.

Testimonials are the most effective and inexpensive way to establish trust with a potential client. The most visited pages on a website by the average user interested in your product or service are the testimonials page and the frequently asked questions page (FAQ). Sprinkle testimonials throughout your site, as well as on a page of their own. As far as credibility, the video testimonial is highest, the testimonial with pictures is next, and the testimonial with text is last. With video on phones and camera, along with YouTube, it has never been easier to add video testimonials to your website.

Contact Form. Make it easy for your viewers to contact you by listing your phone number and e-mail address in an easy – to – find location. Include your email and phone number on multiple pages, or even every page – especially the front page – will help your visitor’s reach you with ease. Add a secured contact page where they can contact you knowing they will not be spam emailed or have their emailed sold to other sites. Let them know their question can remain private. If you are a local business, feature your address and phone number on several pages throughout your site. Create free local listing for your business on Google, and Yahoo, along with many others.

On your “Contact Us” page, add a map showing your location. There is also the option of add your contact form on this page, that the user can fill out in order to contact you directly. If you decide to use a form, make it short and simple because the more steps the user has to take, the less likely they are to contact you. Let them know they will receive a response within 24 hours.

Ask for the sale. Include a clear call to action on every service or product page. Make sure you have a compelling offer with the e-mail capture box and ask clearly for the user to “sign up now” or “register now” to keep informed of your new products or special offers.

Have a “Buy now” button. Make it easy for people to purchase by accepting credit and debit cards. Place the icons on your site so the user knows immediately what cards you expect.

On your business card, include a “Call to Action.”Have text on your card that direct the user to your site to sign up for your compelling offer. When you’re networking, include your call to action when you talk about your business. After your benefit, customer – focused elevator speech, ask them to come to your site and sign up for your amazing, incredible offer.

A content – Rich site with interaction and current content takes commitment and time. By focusing on your website at least 30 min. a few times a week, will build a site that attracts the clients you want and is a valuable resource users enjoy visiting again and again.

Be willing to adapt the content to the users’ needs and wants and continue to get feedback to create a more customer friendly site.

Monitor your site to determine which posts get the most attention and add similar content that attracts more potential clients. Be willing to use this information to continue to grow and evolve your business in a natural and organic way. Which I highly recommend.

Personalize your site with an “Ask the Expert” column using real people with real questions and answers. Feature customer success stories on your site.

Help shortcut her search for the perfect answer by providing plenty of information and supporting it with links to third-party sources commenting favorable on your product (online magazine articles, etc.), You can help accelerate the due diligence phase and keep it within your brand’s framework while she’s doing it.

Make sure your website states clearly on several places within your site a Guarantee, warranty and support hotlines. Studies from several industries have revealed a pattern of women’s greater concern, with “back-end”  product elements that will ensure satisfactory resolution if the product gives women any problems, the study of computer purchasing criteria found that the two most important qualities in women purchasing decisions were warranties, and the manufacturers support and service reputation.  By overcoming most women’s risk reluctance, offering a 100% guarantees, is likely to win you much more in sales than it will ever cost you in redemptions.

Video and audio told stories give the user an opportunity to connect in a way that text does not allow. Pictures are worth 1000 words and make the site more interesting.

Test, test, test your bounce rate on Google analytics. If your bounce rate is more than 60% make changes to your homepage and monitor it constantly. You don’t want visitors finding your site on the search engines then bouncing right off because your search description did not match your home page.

Most of all have fun!

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By: Fay B. Castro