A Man’s Brain

A man’s brain is unique because it’s made up of little boxes. A box for the wife, a box for the kid’s, a box for his job, a box for money. They have a box for everything, BUT! The boxes DO NOT! Touch the other boxes.

When a man discusses a subject, he goes to that particular box and discusses ONLY! What is in that box. He puts that box away very careful not to touch any other box before he takes out another box.

A man’s brain comes with only the minimum basic requirements to keep them breathing and to eat.

Men can only perform single tasks, they are able to focus on one thing and do it extremely well.

When a man is performing his single task, he cannot hear if someone is speaking to him. If a man is performing a task, do not give him vital information because he will not hear it, because he is focused on what he is doing.

Men are born takers, they TAKE! TAKE! TAKE!

A man’s main desire is to do nothing and go into his nothing box in his brain. If it were not for the fact that his job was connected with bartering, (work and the boss will pay you) he would prefer to do nothing.

How to get a Man to do What you Want?

You Need to:-

1. Ask him more than once. (Men are always in a Take Mode.) They don’t even hear you the first time you even ask.

2. Ask him the right way.

3. Train him with Positive Reinforcement. (Men love to be appreciated)

4. Barter with him. Men love to barter.

Remember: A man’s main desire is to do Nothing!