10 Steps to Dominating Google

10 Steps to Dominating Google

Let your friends do your SEO for you!

Google is monetizing the entire ‘BUZZ’ about you and your blog posts.

Long gone are the days of traditional SEO. Today! It’s all about what people are saying about you or your business, product and/or service that counts.

The ‘Buzz’ that you’re creating on the Internet is what Google is watching for with robots and spiders. It’s like that old saying “You should be rewarded for your effort?” Well! Google realizes this and is doing so accordingly. To be exact, Google is rewarding you for keyword searched content, helpful information and responding comments from your friends on your blog posts and videos.

Google BuzzIt’s all about activity, (The Buzz!) that you are creating with your valuable posts on your blog and on all the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc., and the links that you are collecting from your friends and passing them along to others, that is now what Google is rewards you for.

So let’s get started on creating your Buzz for Success:

Step 1. Choose a Domain name that is keyword search related to your product or

service. (Use caution when choosing a domain name that is brand name

recognized.) Recommended Domain name service: GoDaddy

Step 2. Sign up for a hosting account for your WordPress blog. Recommendation use

Hostgator or Bluehost as they offer Cpanel.

Step 3. Create a WordPress blog. If you are not familiar with WordPress you can higher

out for this service, or watch video tutorial or read WordPress for Dummies

book available on Amazon or your local book store.

Step 4. Create a Youtube account if one is not already setup. Design your Youtube

channel. Make sure you complete your profile information on your channel and

don’t forget to include your website URL.

Step 5. From your WordPress blog make a post into a sticky page (your sales page) to

add content and videos to that page. To create a sticky page, add a new post

and open up the publish tab and click on ‘Visibility: Public’ then add a check

mark next to ‘Stick this post to the front page.’ This page now becomes a

regular website page. (Your sales page.)

Step 6. Activate the Permalink setting. Under the Settings tab click on Permalinks.

Under Custom Structure type in: /%category%/%postname%/. This will convert

your post URL into the keywords that you name your post, rather than numbers.

Step 7. Create an informative, interesting or funny video. The video needs to create a

“Buzz” for those who watch it, so they ‘Like’ it and recommend it to others.

You can upload a video from your mobile devise or create a video using

Windows Movie Maker’ which is Free! Or for Mac users you can use ‘Screen

Flow’ or ‘iMovie.’ Upload your video to your Youtube channel and also post it to

the Social Media sites. Make sure you include a link to your website.

Step 8. Install ‘HTML5 and Flash Video Player’ as well as ‘Google XML Sitemap for

video plugins to your WordPress blog website.

Step 9. Start blogging valuable content from your WordPress blog.

Google loves information. That’s why we all use the internet right? Were

all searching for ‘the answer’. So make sure you offer good content. The more

valuable information you create the more activity, “Buzz” you stir on

social media sites and amongst friends, the more Google takes note of what

you’re written and talking about in videos. The more “Buzz” your stir on your

site from people linking and passing along  your videos to others the sooner

Google rewards you in the search engine rankings.

Step 10. This is the most important step that cannot be overlooked when you have

gone to all that trouble of creating activity (‘BUZZ) on the Internet. This is

where so many people fail who are Internet marketers, Network Marketers or

even selling a product or service Online.


This might seem obvious to you but it’s amazing how many people on the net

are afraid to ask their visitor to their site to either submit their email address to

receive more valuable free content, or buy what you are selling!

You went to all that effort to create a “Buzz” and get visitor’s to your site, don’t

faultier when it comes to the part of asking for them to take action!

Have someone read your website sales copy to make sure you don’t fail with

your call to action!

Treat your Online business as if it were a brick and mortar business and you

will be successful Don’t let them just click away!


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Happy Blogging!

By: Fay B. Castro