Local visibility is what is critical for businesses today!

google_placesThings have changed online for local business. It is no longer important to have a twenty or thirty page website. Today it’s all about Local Business Listings.
Yes! You read that right. Google has gone local, so must your business listing.

Today, an Internet “presence” with high local visibility is what is critical for business serving a given local market. Let me re-emphasize because this is critical: a local business must have a good local presence online to survive.

Local “visibility” is different than a “business website” in that visibility refers to that business information being found in searches, online yellow pages, maps, smartphone searches, etc.
This is quite different than simply having a “website” and the proper local visibility will generate substantially more customers for a local business that a fancy website.

Simply creating a special web space (page) for a given business category and positioning that page for maximum local visibility within that business category. When done properly, this translates into a “traffic funnel” which generates lots of new prospective customers for a given business type.

If you owned a piece of property on the busiest corner in town, you would control valuable “space” and business would be knocking down your door to buy or lease that space from you to put their business there because they know that VISIBILITY gives them automatic customers.

The same runs true with Local business placement listing.

First, it is LOCAL, meaning you have created your Internet space for the sole purpose of marketing it for one specific CITY or Region.

Secondly, it is specific to a ONE particular business type.
This type of targeting would be considered fairly tightly targeted and the more targeted the traffic is, the more value it has.

For Example: Landscape Gardener in Boulder Colorado.

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