List of Values

Below is a List of Women’s Values

If you understand what a women values in her life, you understand her and how to market to her.

What Women Actually Value

Motivate and persuade people. Women are natural caretakers, the things they care about the most, in terms of what matter to them is they cherish and care for others, no matter who they may be, whether human, animal, or plant.

What Women Treasure

For women, closer, the better, personal ties and relationships are a good thing. In fact freedom is not as important to a woman, as friendship.

Girlfriends are Everything

Most marketers have barely begun to explore the girlfriend possibilities for advertising and marketing their product. Women are amazing individuals, wives, mothers, and rich with opportunity in marketing to them, not only as individuals but also in small groups of friends. Nothing stimulates a woman more than lively conversation, laughter or warm caring concerning friends.

Friendship for women not only rules, it protects. It buffers the hardship of life’s transitions; it lowers blood pressure, boosts immunity, and promotes healing. It may help explain one of the medical science most enduring mysteries: why women, on average, have lower rates of heart disease and longer life expectancy than men.


As one of women’s highest values, helping their children succeed and be happy and engenders a feeling of love powerful enough to warm a village.

Women need to be needed  

Women feel almighty powerful and invigorated when others come to them for help.

Company image

Beyond any product quality, sales or service, a company’s corporate act of social responsibility and community citizenship, means far more to a woman, then companies realize. Human acts of kindness play a major role in a woman’s purchase decision.

Being Recognized

Just because women don’t brag and push themselves forward, doesn’t mean they don’t like being acknowledged or admired. You must recognize their accomplishments and give them just rewards for their achievements. Isn’t there an old saying, “Behind every successful man, there stands a great woman?”

Being around other people

Women see others as a source of energy, so they enjoy being part of or belonging to a group.

Joint interaction

A women’s enjoyment is being around others, the fun and fulfillment of working together side by side on a project as a considered equal, is important to them.

Women are just as motivated as men, by the challenge of achieving excellence.


68 percent of women said they would continue to work (as would 70 percent of men), if they were given, or won enough money to live on comfortably for the rest of their life.

What Women Don’t Want

Marketers need to rethink their marketing strategy when they express independence and self sufficiency, they need to check their message clearly to make sure they’re not casting gloom or solitude and distance. Women need connection, not isolation.


Female gender culture is grounded in the idea of compassion, not jealousy. Women would rather be hanging out with friends rather than scrambling to get ahead of them.

Conceited, arrogance, and smug

Women may feel boastful inside, (don’t we all?) but for them to swagger around shouting their achievements to the world, is definitely not a women’s style.

What women expect and are open to

They want help, advice, and other people’s opinions. Women see advice as being valuable, both for its immediate content and for the learning it provides for future reference.


What women want the most is a feeling of belonging, and the ability to be understood.




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