Keep This in Mind When Using Facebook

Keeping in Touch

Facebook logoThere are a few things to keep in mind when using Facebook:

Professionalism – Facebook is a site that is so hip, hot, and happening – and easy to use- that it doesn’t just encourage you to be informal; it practically orders you to be.

The thing with Facebook is that, you never know who might view your Facebook exploits, even if you’re cautious about privacy.  So instead of viewing Facebook as the employees water cooler gossip spot, or the lunch room gossip hall, think of Facebook as a meeting room where the “Big Boss” might drop by at any time to listen to your conversation.  Keep personal information, distasteful jokes, and the game applications to a bare minimum.

It’s all about Branding yourself. All it takes is one inappropriate  joke, jester or photograph to ruin your reputation, which could result in loosing customers’, which in return means loosing money.

Today the competition is fears. Consumers with money to spend are getting harder to find. They are seeking value, quality and your reputation as a business owner. Is it worth the risk?

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