How to Tell if Someone is Lying

Women lie the best

Women tell more complicated lies than men. Also attractive people are more believed that unattractive ones.

Women who rarely tell a lie are easily caught, regardless of how convincing they may try to sound. The moment they begin to lie, their body sends out contradictory signals, and these give a feeling that there not telling use the whole truth. During  the lie, the subconscious mind sends out nervous energy which appears as a body gesture that can contradict what they are saying.

To be able to lie successfully, you need to have your body hidden or out of sight.

Here is a list of clusters you can learn to recognize that will dramatically increase your chance of spotting a liar.


How the Face Reveals the Truth

Seven of the most common lying gestures

  1. Covering the mouth with hand or an object (magazine, paper, etc.)
  2. Touching the nose with index finger, or an object
  3. Scratching the nose as in response to a sudden itch
  4. Eye rub, a woman will gently touch below her eye. They also avoid the listener by looking away.
  5. The ear grab, pulling gently on the ear lobe or bending the entire ear forward to cover the ear hole.
  6. Gently rubbing or scratching the neck
  7. Placing the index finger in the mouth.

Most liars look you in the eye

Women have a more intuitive brain which is better than a man’s in detecting the voice changes, pupil dilation, and other cues that give a liar away. About 70 percent of liars maintain strong eye contact, assuming they are less likely to get caught if they did the opposite of what people expect. This shows that eyes alone are not a reliable signal of lying, and you need to observe other body gestures, as well to decide if someone is lying.

As mentioned, women are good at deciphering the eye pupil signal, and can differentiate interest from aggression, but men are significantly worse at doing this. That’s why the average male can’t tell if a woman is about to give him a kiss, or a slap on the face.

Extended Blinking

A normal, relaxed blinking rate is six to eight blinks per minute, and the eyes are closed for about one tenth of a second. People under pressure for instance, when they are lying – are likely to dramatically increase their blinking rate.


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