How to Make a Good Video

Video Marketing to Achieve Results…

A good video squashes other forms of marketing. It gets the most sales, the most traffic, and it causes the most BUZZ!

How to Make a Good VideoPut your prospects in front of your video to get a reaction.

Video lets your viewers know exactly what you are all about.

You want to be speaking to a focused group of people that share your passion; they are the ones that are listening and ready to take action!

Video attract buyers that’s why video converts.

A good video gives your prospects the best education, and the best information, which then gives them the power to make a decision.

Hook the Viewer

You have 8 – 15 seconds to convince your viewer that the video they are watching is useful to them.

Promise of a Premise…

A premise is an argument in favor of an idea. The premise is boosted output.

A Circumstantial Premise

*Remember you are not selling to a person; you’re selling to a circumstance that they are in.*

It’s not about who you are selling to, it’s about understanding what circumstance they are in that makes your product relevant to them.

It’s designed to give more features of the product; it’s also a call out to those people.


Give background about the company showing details are key points.

That’s what makes it motion picture. Imagine all the thoughts and feelings associated with your images.

The Reason Why?

People need a reason why something exists. Or a reason why, before they make a buying decision.

Personal Perspective

Say what you love in your video about a product or service. Offer your feelings boldly and with emotion.

Ask yourself, who are you making these videos for?

Are you trying to transform people’s lives with information?

Make your video for your fans.

Demonstrate in your video the ownership experience.

What do you want the viewer to do after they have watched one of your videos? Take action, or purchase the product that you are selling?

The Ownership Experience

Give your viewer a test drive. Help them imagine what it would be like to use that product in a real-world situation. Let them live vicariously through your experience without the danger of actually trying it. It warms them up. It gives them confidence and sparks some ideas. At the same time shows the benefits of the features of the product.

Ownership Experience

Recap the benefits and the features.

Show the features in the ownership experience. Remind them of what the outcome of ownership could be.

It’s all about making promises and fulfilling them.

It’s about the outcome the viewer could have if they take action!

Own It!..

Explain your personal experience with the product.

Judge it with confidence and say you highly recommend it!

Remind them that the price cannot be beat. And your endorsement is complete.


Humans want result! They want a positive outcome!


Thanks Andy Jenkins for sharing these tips in one of your videos.

Shared by: Fay B. Bolton.

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