Gut Feelings

Women have Gut Feelings about People

Women know things about people around them.

Gut feelings are not just free-floating emotion states but actual physical sensations that convey meaning to certain areas in the brain.

After puberty, the estrogen increase means that girls feel gut sensations and physical pain more than boys. The area of the brain that tracks gut feelings is larger and more sensitive in the female brain, according to brain scan studies. Therefore, the relationship between a woman’s gut feelings and her intuitive hunches is grounded in biology.

When a woman begins receiving emotional data through butterflies in her stomach or a clenching in her gut, – her body sends a message back to the insula, an anterior cingulated Cortex. The insula is an area in an old part of the brain where gut feelings are first processed.

The anterior cingulate Cortex which is larger and more easily activated in females, is a critical area for anticipating, judging, controlling, and integrating negative emotions.

A woman’s pulse rate jumps, a knot forms in her stomach and the brain interprets it as an intense emotion.

Being able to guess what another person is thinking or feeling is, essentially mind reading. And overall the female brain is gifted at quickly assessing the thoughts, beliefs, and intentions of others, based on the smallest hints.

Girls are years ahead of boys in their ability to judge how they might avoid hurting someone else’s feelings. This ability might be the result of the mirror neurons firing away, allowing girls not only to observe but also to imitate or mirror the hand gestures, body postures, breathing rates gazes, and facial expressions of other people as a way of intuiting what they are feeling.

So don’t try to hid the truth in your marketing strategy, her gut will tell her otherwise. Be truthful and honest because she will know when you’re trying to pull the wool over her eyes. Don’t mess with a woman’s intuition, you could loose the sale, and a customer forever. If something is not ready, or has not arrived, tell her the truth why! If you forgot to order it, tell her you did, then give her something else for free, as a token for her forgiveness in you making a mistake. She will forgive you if you say you are sorry!

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