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Major Shift in the World of SEO

google imageThere has been a major shift in the world of SEO and it’s all got to do with Google.

The top 10 slots in Google have been slashed to less than five spots available for small businesses.

Now those limited spots are more competitive than ever before. All the top spot in Google are now dominated by big brand websites and small business owners are being muscled out of the rankings.

Google became the number one search engine by providing us with the best, most relevant organic search results.

Since becoming a publicly traded company Google’s focus has shifted. More and more revenue-generating products appear in the search engine result pages.

And it gets even worse when it comes to the local search!

If you search for the term “Italian restaurants” Google decides on your before that this is a local search.

Italian RestuarantThe page contains a new carousel which are results from Zagat and Google plus business pages that take up 30% of the screen. The navigation bar takes up 14%, Adwords 9%, maps showing Google result 15% and a sponsored ad from Zagat 4%.




What about the organic search results Google built its reputation on?

They now take up just 7% of the screen. 7% is all that is left for business owners. By drastically decreasing screen area available for organic results, Google has slashed the number of spots available to small business owners.

Instead of just competing against other websites, you are now also competing against Google corporate advertising machine.

It’s very clear that Google’s priority has changed.

Their priority used to be providing the best organic search results for their users. Now their priority is providing the best PROFIT results for their shareholders.

What this means is that it is getting MUCH harder for small business owners like you and me, to secure a Top Spot on the front page of Google.

This in turn means it’s getting more and more challenging to generate the traffic you need to run your business and make a profit.

Last year Google made over 500 algorithm updates that have affected your website ranking.

Identify your paycheck keywords. Most businesses depend on a small set of keywords for the vast majority of the traffic to their website and to make a sale.

The best way to identify your paycheck (Money Making) keywords is to use an analytic program like Google analytics. Often the top 25 keywords on your site bring in over 80% of the sites profits.

Therefore the top 2% of your keywords are responsible for more than 80% of your profit.

These keywords – the keywords that actually bring in the money, I’ll call paycheck keywords.

Track your ranking of your website. It’s important to track your online business, failing to track your ranking is like driving a car with your eyes closed. It’s just a matter of time before you crash and burn.

So what’s the solution?

Besides paying for expensive keyword traffic software, my recommendation is if you’re on a limited budget, is to focus on your paycheck keywords by using an analytics platform or program and to focus your attention on social media sites like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc,. Another effective platform to use to get your message out is YouTube. Create a video describing your product or service. To learn more about creating effective videos Click Here.

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Fay B. Bolton.


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