Good Stories are Priceless when Marketing to Women

Create an emotional connection

It’s the specifics in a campaign that make women think, “They’re talking to methat’s my life.”

For one thing, the campaign creators that clearly know that women rationalize their purchases, especially when spending money on themselves. (Men just don’t seem to have the same guilt gene that women do.) In one commercial called “That Would Go Great with That,” MasterCard demonstrated how one small purchase has the domino effect of leading to a bigger and bigger one. In the commercial, which features a woman who could be described as lovely but not unattainable beautiful, every new purchase the woman makes is justified by the previous one.

Pedicure… $28 and debit MasterCard.

Peep-toe pumps to show off your pedicure… $96 and debit card.

Adorable dress, to go with your peep-toe pumps that show off your pedicure… $150 on debit card.

Cut to a screen shots of the woman admiring a beautiful necklace in the window of Tiffany’s, until the voice-over says, “Yeah, right.” She rolls her eyes, smiles, and skips away; laughing at herself for thinking she could justify expensive new jewelry just because she got a good pedicure. She had gotten carried away.

The voice-over closes with: “Living in the moment, priceless. There are some things money can’t buy. For everything you must have right now, there’s debit MasterCard.”The inside of this ad is that MasterCard understands how women shop. Women don’t have a linear purchasing style; rather, the act of buying one small thing can snowball into a series of unplanned purchases.

The two pieces on this campaign our head and heart. We start with the functional benefit- that you can use your debit card to buy these things-but we know that there is more to life than money, and that people want experiences, and something more soulful. Women respond to that.

Women are “users and by the vast majority of consumer products. Women are typically in charge of life’s milestones-the birthdays, graduations, the celebrations.

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