Effective Listening Skills

Active Listening Skills.

Effective Listening SkillsOften, people are so busy deciding how they plan to respond to someone’s comments made in a conversation; they do not fully actively listen to what is being said, therefore not using effective listening skills.

Demonstrate that you are actually interested in what that person has to say by making eye contact, ask questions, and Do Not! Interrupting.

People really do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. Show care and respect by actively listening during conversations. When the other person pause’s their conversation, stay quiet, do not say a word just look at them and nod your head as in agreement. This is known as the awkward pause and everyone hates silence. So by staying quiet, your prospect will interrupt that silence and continue talking. They will continue telling you exactly what they are looking for and what their true needs actually are. But, you’ll only know this by staying quiet and using your active listening skills. Don’t talk until they invite you to speak.

Ask their opinion.

All people have a need to be heard. Whether your prospects have the time to respond or not. They will appreciate that you cared enough to ask their opinion. Send them a survey– use anything you can that will give them a chance to air their opinion.

Give customers an opportunity to get involved in your business and create a strong bond. They’ll refer customers to you and start promoting your business for you!

It may take a while before someone feels compelled to contact you. Remember how busy we are? Our clients and potential clients are busy, too. You need to keep making connections to keep your business in the front of their minds, so they think of you when they are ready.


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By: Fay B. Castro

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