How to Define Your Brand

This is the first step in the process of developing your brand strategy. By defining your brand you create the foundation for all other components to build on. Your brand definition will serve as your means of evaluating any and all marketing materials and strategies. Everyone has a brand either on purpose or by accident. Can your customer’s define your brand in one word? If not you need to redefine your company brand.

Have you defined your brand?

You can begin this process by answering these questions below.

  1. What products and/or services do you offer? Define the qualities (value) of your service and/or products.

  2. What are the core values of your products and or services? What emotions does your company create?

  3. What is the mission of your company?

  4. What unique service or product does your company offer?

  5. Who is your target market? What gender and geographical area was your product created for?

  6. What is the tagline (slogan) of your company? What message does your tagline send to your prospects?

  7. What characteristics stand out? What uniqueness and qualities would get the attention of your prospects?

  8. Now review your answers to the questions from above and create a profile of your brand. Describe the personality or character with words just as if you were writing a biography or personal advertisement. Be creative.

The Five Key Points to Branding:

1)    WHO – Who is your target market. Who can use your product?

2)    WHAT – What are some of the challenges you face to get your message out?

3)    WHERE – Where is your target market. Where and how can you find them?

4)    WHEN – When is your target date to launch your business or website?

5)    WHY – Why should your target market care about you?

Below is a List of Ways You Can Start Branding Your Website:

Domain name – Use your domain name as part of your branding strategy. Put it on all of your marketing material.

Signature – Implement your Unique Selling Proposition into your signature. Include it with every email you send out. This will be further exposure to your brand.

Ezine Articles – This is a great way to get your message out about who you are and what services or products you offer. This is a free service that allows you to include your defining message and unique selling points. Here is where you include your slogan and why you are the only one that provides a solution to their problem, or a cure for their pain. At the end of your article put your name and a link to your web site, with short teaser copy to get people to click on your link.

Social Media Sites – With thousands of sites and forums to choose from and more popping up every day, the demand for quality content is immense. Make sure you define your demographics for these sites. There’s no use wasting time blogging on one site to find out that this is not your target market. Do your research. Time is money!

Thank you page – You should have an online form with a free giveaway to capture your website visitors contact information. Set up an auto responder with a “thank you” page to thank your visitors for visiting your website. This is an excellent place to position your logo and slogan. Don’t clutter with lots of banners and marketing material. Keep it plain and simple. Give away more free quality information with a link back to your site.

It’s much easier to keep an existing customer then it is to find a new one.

Auto responders – Auto responders are great as they work 24 hours a day without any intervention on your part. Use them to send visitor’s free reports, articles, list of links, etc. And add your branding copy, logo, slogan, USP etc. Both at the top and bottom of the auto responder message include a link back to your Web site.

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