Communication Styles

Sensory Preferences of the Human Brain

When marketing to your consumer’s you have to consider her brain sensory system. How does she decipher and process the information you are giving her, so she can make a logical decision?

If you didn’t lead with the emotional benefits by hitting her gut when making your sales pitch, and now you’ve slipped into her logical processor, you are going to have to put a lot more effort in to close the sale.

Communication Styles to get your message across:

  1. Visual
  2. Auditory
  3. Kinesthetic

Your sensory/communication style is the way that your brain prefers to process information. While we all process information using all of our senses, there is generally one process that our brain favors more efficiently and effectively than the others.

These sensory preferences need to be considered when presenting information to a prospect about your product or service.


Visual Sensory Preference

Processes information by sight.

Uses terms like:

“Do you see what I mean?” or

“That looks ok to me.”

They create pictures in their mind.

The way things look is important to them.

Picks up on visual cues much faster.

What they see will have a much bigger impression on them than what they hear or feel.



Processes information by what they hear.

Use terms like:

“That sounds good.”

“I hear what you are saying.”

The way things sound are very important to them.

Easily irritated by odd sounds.

Words and conversation are important and necessary to them.

Picks up on auditory cues faster.

It’s important what is said or not said that has the greatest impact on them.



Processes information by touch, taste, and smell.

Uses terms like:

“This doesn’t feel right.” Or

“My gut is telling me.”

The way their surroundings feel is very important to them. Comfort is a big issue.

Picks up on physical cues faster.

What they feel is important.

Hugs are necessary.


In being aware of the different sensory preferences, we can truly appreciate how to best understand the way in which your future prospects process information so you can market to them more effectively.

State only verbal facts to a visual learner without the added back up of printed material, and you could lose a sale. “I need to think about it.” Which really means, “Let me talk my way out of it.”


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