Color and the Brain

Color has an Effect on the Brain

Make sure the colors you choose send the message that fits with your brand attributes. For example, if you need to build trust and credibility, wear medium tones of the color blue to convey this message. Keep this in mind when creating your visual identity system for your website, business colors, logo, handouts and business cards.

Power colors are the deepest tone of a specific color and impart the highest level of influence. The color guide below can be used to identify the power colors right for you when you need to ramp up the intensity!

Red – Red is a very emotional charged color. It creates excitement and can be associated with danger, war, power, strength, passion, desire and love. It can even increase your appetite.


Yellow – Yellow is the happy color… it is the color of sunshine. It creates a sense of cheerfulness and helps to stimulate mental activity. Bright yellow attracts attention.



Blue Blue is a trusted color. It can provide a sense of tranquility and security. It tends to symbolize loyalty, wisdom, trust, faith, confidence, and intelligence. Blue can suppress the appetite.


Orange – Orange is the combination of the happiness of yellow and the energy and strength of red. It symbolizes creativity, determination, enthusiasm and success. In addition, orange indicates affordability. Because of its similarity to red, it is great to promote food.


Green – Green tends to suggest endurance and stability. It represents harmony, growth and freshness. Green indicates safety. Obviously it is associated with money and wealth. The color green is used to promote organic foods.


Violet – Violet or purple combines the energy and strength of red with the stability of blue. It represents nobility, ambition, power and luxury. It symbolizes extravagance and wealth and is often associated with dignity, independence, wisdom and magic.


White – White is pure, goodness, light and innocence. It is considered perfection. White is generally positive and simple. Often it is the color of charitable organizations.



Black – Black is elegant, powerful and formal, but can also be associated with death. In marketing it is dignified. Black can also denote prestige.



Colors have an effect on the brain as well. When taking notes, or color mapping, add different colors to help your brain remember different things and connect items, or tasks together.

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