Closing the Sale Using Video

Video Marketing to Close Transactions…

VideoPeople love to buy, but not to be sold to.

So how do you sell your product without being all salesy to your prospects?


Video marketing is the most effective form of marketing to get conversions.

Tell a story about how to use your product.

Teach your viewers about ‘The Why.’

Your prospects are in a certain situation, that’s why they are looking for your answer.

Tell them why they are in the situation they are in.

Teach them about the scenario that results in an outcome that they want!

Pick a scenario your prospect is likely to find themselves in.

Example: Weight Loss – Eating out in a restaurant.

Eating Out   –     Burning Fat

Scenario     –       Outcome

Because it is video show them the menu, show them what the ingredients are that are listed on the menu.

Explain why that dish may or may not be the right choice for the outcome you want to give them.

Show them a few different scenarios that they can really use. Then you’ll start to really earn respect and trust.

Images are very powerful. Your prospect will remember it, not because they were told, but because they actually saw it.


Transformation means positive change. You’ve shown them “Why” now show them “How!”

Show them how to make their circumstances better, easier or more fun!

It will remove the fear of the unknown.

Show them the How!

Be a guinea pig for your customer. You’ve taken the risk show them what’s possible.

Transformation is the modeling activity.

Your customer’s want to model success before they take a risk and try something for themselves. They want to see how you do it successfully.

Video is really good at showing.

If you really want to get your customer’s attention, give yourself a handicap.

Each time you teach to transform give yourself a handicap.

Put yourself in your customer shoes, or even a worse circumstance than they are already in. Then you can show them what’s possible.


Close the sale, get the money!

People like to experience before they decide to buy.

They like to experience the smart. So before you ask your customer for the transaction you need to watch your video and ask yourself this question, “Will your viewer be smarter after watching your video than they were before they saw it?

If the answer is “Yes” then you have empowered your viewer’s to make a decision.

The degree of increased smartness they get from watching your video is directly proportionate as to how many customers you get.

Don’t worry about giving away too much information in one video. If you’ve been in your industry for many years, one video is not going to give all your knowledge and secrets away.

Multiply the smart!

You have a lot more knowledge and experience to share in future videos to close many more transaction.


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By: Fay B. Bolton

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